Application Deadlines

When to Apply for Transfer - Don't Miss the Deadline!

California State University (CSU) Application Filing Periods

(Applications first accepted):

Fall Semester or Quarter: October 1 - November 30

*Winter Quarter: June 1 - June 30

*Spring Semester or Quarter: August 1 - August 31

*Summer Semester or Quarter: February 1 (5 campuses)

(*Note: Not all CSU campuses are open for Winter, Spring or Summer.)

You are urged to file early. 
Applications to impacted majors must be filed during the initial filing period.  The CSU designates major programs as impacted when more applications are received in the initial filing period form CSU eligible applicants than can be accommodated.  If applying after the initial filing period, consult the campus admissions office or website for current information. 

Except for impacted majors, campuses accept applications until enrollment categories are filled.  Most campuses will acknowledge receiving your application within two to four weeks.  For more details refer to the
Cal State Apply website at: Cal State Apply

University of California (UC) Application Filing Periods

Fall Quarter or *Semester: August 1 (UC Application Opens) & November 1 - November 30 (UC Application Filing Period) 

Winter Quarter or Spring Semester: July 1 - 31

Spring Quarter: October 1 - 31

(*UC Berkeley and UC Merced are on the semester system, while all other UC campuses are on the quarter system.)

Applications for UC Berkeley are accepted for Fall only. Not all UC campuses are open for Winter or Spring.

For further information regarding the application and admissions process, refer to the UC's online undergraduate application website at: UC Application