CLASE Transfer Mentor Program

CLASE (Chicano, Latino, Access, Success & Empowerment)
Transfer Mentor Program

CLASE students at San Diego State University

Our Mission

CLASE's mission is to help Chicano/Latino students have access to all the right resources that will help them reach their highest potential as individuals, students, and members of their community. We will support, empower, and allow growth among our students. We know the value of obtaining a higher education which is why our goal is to encourage our students to transfer to a 4-year institution.

Our Services

CLASE Transfer Mentor Program Brochure.pdf

*Peer-to-peer mentoring services
*Volunteer opportunities
*Information on upcoming transfer events and workshops
*Campus tours
*Resources available at Saddleback College for student success
*Promote cultural/social awareness
*Informative workshops for students and their families
*Informative group sessions
*Study group sessions

Interested in the CLASE Transfer Mentor Program. Click on the link below to sign up:

CLASE students at Cal Poly Pomona

                       CLASE Transfer Mentor Program                      

Arlene Vargas
CLASE Transfer Mentor Program - Coordinator

Elizabeth Weiss
CLASE Transfer Mentor Program - Counselor

Rocio Zamudio 
CLASE Transfer Mentor Program - Counselor

Deyanira Gonzalez
CLASE Transfer Mentor Program - Lead Mentor

Maritza Granados
CLASE Transfer Mentor Program - Alumna Mentor

Aurora Hernandez Sanchez
CLASE Transfer Mentor Program - Alumna Mentor

CLASE Contact Information

Location: Transfer Center - SSC 225B
Phone: (949) 348-6187
Facebook: CLASESaddlebackCollege

CLASE students at UC Santa Barbara

CLASE students at Concordia University Irvine

CLASE Events

Check back in Spring 2018!

CLASE students at USCCLASE students at the University of San Diego