The 10 Coolest/Greenest Schools of 2019

"For 13 years, Sierra has been ranking colleges according to which ones offer the best sustainability-focused courses, ecofriendly cafeteria provisions, and carbon-neutral land and energy policies, as well as the most opportunities to engage with the environmental movement. Since 2007, sustainability measures that once seemed cutting-edge have become the norm, and we've seen schools effect real change across their communities, regions, and states. This year, a record 282 schools vied to become the eco-savviest in all of academia."

Number 2 - University of California, Irvine

"Securing its 10th year of top 10 "cool" status, UCI has added more EV charging stations and finished converting its central-cooling plant to a system that conserves over 80 million gallons of potable water per year while cooling campus buildings—17 of which are certified LEED Platinum and seven of which are zero-waste facilities. One new school pilot project involves providing free insulation retrofits and solar installations in nearby low-income communities. UCI researchers are adapting medical and public health curricula to better prepare students to treat tropical diseases as they expand in range owing to climate change."