SDSU Announces MyMap - An Easy Guide for Students to Complete their Degree Requirements in Four Years!

Welcome to MyMap!

"MyMAP" is not only an easy guide for students to complete their degree requirements in four years, it offers transfer students the added benefit of researching which courses should be completed prior to applying to SDSU. The course sequencing of MyMAP aligns with the courses offered each semester at SDSU, adheres to all prerequisite requirements, and maximizes any overlap between General Education and preparation for the major courses.

Please also refer to the SDSU General Catalog for course descriptions, minimum grade requirements, and impaction requirements.

For general academic advising, students can contact the Academic Advising Center. Advising Web resources are also available at Questions related to requirements in your major should be directed to your major adviser (visit for a complete list).

*NOTE: Following the courses outlined in MyMap, combined with the required GPA for the major - is the most competitive advantage a transfer student can have when applying to SDSU.