Selecting a College


Where is the college located, and how far is it from home? Are you comfortable with the campus setting? Geographic and climate preferences to consider such as beach, mountain, desert, inner city or urban environments.

Campus Size
What's the size of the student body? How does it affect courses and your interactions with professors and students?

Student Diversity
What kinds of students attend the college, from what parts of the country, and with what types of backgrounds and experiences?

Does the college offer programs and majors that interest you and prepare you for your future career? What's the quality of the faculty, especially in your major? Average faculty to student ratio. Impacted majors.

Campus Life
What do students do when they're not in class? Do the living and eating arrangements appeal to you? How about the social scene?

If you plan to play a varsity sport, are you comfortable with the coaching staff and your teammates? If you don't plan to compete in intercollegiate athletics, do the intramural and recreational sport programs meet your needs?

Extracurricular Options
Does the college have the types and range of extracurricular activities you are interested in such as student organizations, newspaper, government, social and political groups and clubs? Is it easy to get involved?

What types of facilities will you have access to? These include the library, laboratories, student center, theater, and athletic facilities. Does campus offer student housing for married couples, off campus and on campus living? Fraternities and sororities?

Computing Resources
Does the college have a program where students can purchase computers at a special rate? Are there high speed Internet connections in the dorms? Are experts available if you need help?

Public vs. Private
Cost factor. Selection criteria. Faculty to student ratio. Academic reputation. Coed vs. same sex institution. Religious or not. Impacted majors. Grade point average necessary to be admitted to institution.

It is IMPORTANT to visit the College or University campus before transferring:

Most colleges offer daily or weekly student-led tours. Plan to attend one before decidingon a campus.

Contact the Office of Relations and Schools or Outreach for tour information.

Campuses regularly host “Welcome”, “Transfer” or “Information” days. Check them out!

Take a virtual tour of each campus. Check out the appropriate website for more information.

The Transfer Center & Career Centers has catalogs and video guides on most California colleges and universities.