Selecting Courses

A student will satisfy their transfer goal within a reasonable time with careful academic counseling and appropriate course planning. Students are highly encouraged to meet with a counselor during their first semester at Saddleback College to discuss their personal and academic goals.

During the counseling appointment, the counselor and student will develop a student education plan which will map out which courses are to be taken. In order to reach the student’s transfer objective the student should plan an academic schedule that keeps their options open while they are exploring academic subjects. They should take introductory courses in the majors that they are contemplating.

It is highly recommended that students complete the most important courses prior to transfer which are:

  1. General Education transfer pattern courses on IGETC or CSU General Education sheet - Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum for UC or CSU’s or the CSU General Education Breath Requirements sheet for California State Universities
  2. Required lower division Preparation for Major courses found in Saddleback College’s catalog or
  3. Course Electives #1-99 for UC’s and #1-199 for CSU’s

Information about lower division Preparation for Major courses for some private colleges in California may be obtained from the college catalog and counseling center. Some independent institutions accept either the CSU GE or the CSU/UC IGETC General Education pattern as a substitute for their own general education requirements. For more information, please see a counselor.