Technology Refresh

College Technology Committee: Technology Refresh

Computer Refresh for Employees

The practice of Saddleback College is to provide every permanent position a computer to perform their job.  These computers are refreshed every four years using the basic aid funds.

When a faculty member is hired or when their computer is up for a refresh, they will be given a choice of the standard windows desktop computer or the standard windows laptop.  Standard Macintosh equipment is available if the Dean and VP of instruction approve.

When a manager or classified employee is hired, or their computer is ready to be refreshed, they will be provided a standard windows desktop with two monitors.  Any exceptions will be provided with the Manager and VP approval.

Any technology equipment, such as printers, peripherals, scanners, and/or headphones are purchased by the department.

Process for exceptions

For planning and budgeting purposes, visit the Technology Standards and Quote Request page.


Computer Lab Refresh

Computers in classroom labs are also refreshed based on the need of the department.  Most of these classrooms are equipped with standard desktop computers.  However, some classroom computer labs require specialized or more powerful computers.

If a department would like to convert an existing lab into a computer lab, please follow the new lab process

The replacement plan for Computer labs can be found here


Classroom AV Equipment Refresh

In order to maintain a supportive learning environment in the classroom, the practice of this college is to replace the Classroom Audio Visual equipment every 7 years.  This consists of …

Classroom AV upgrades schedule