What is GauchoBox?

GauchoBox is a private cloud storage for Saddleback employees to store, share and collaborate with colleagues. This storage is only available to you, unless you explicitly share a folder or file with someone else within our organization. Your files are securely backed up nightly using top industry standard encryption and protected by our team. You can access your files from anywhere in the world by visiting the website address listed below.

GauchoBox MenuGet started using GauchoBox

First, login using your Saddleback credentials and start sharing files today. Once you are authenticated, you will find your personal profile page that contains many additional features. This information is directly provided by our security system and allows you to customize some of the personal information about you. You can upload a personal photo, start your own blog, attach images to your feed, similar to other social walls as well as tagging colleagues regarding information you share in common.

Newsfeed! It's a social thing

Instead of sending an email, mention someone on your Newsfeed wall. They will receive notice that you mentioned them and return the favor by commenting on your post. This is a simple way to communicate about a project, getting feedback quickly and following up without having to formulate a lengthy email. You can post fun photos you took at the department party and other events to easily share with your team.

Sites is sites

This is a place where you, along with some artificial intelligence, can create a listing of the most common places visited in SharePoint based on what you follow or visit within this environment. Open a document shared to you and Sites will start to follow this document as well as others like it. If you want to add a site to review later, click the follow button located on that site. It will appear here later when you need it most. Just go to the Sites button on your profile screen and it will bring that link back for your review.

Notebook is OneNote Online

SharePoint Notebook is OneNoteIn a meeting? Need a place to drop an image or other information for later use? Use this service to take notes in a meeting, create documentation, or simply store files and images you might need later for your project while you are not at your desk. Simply copy and paste items directly inside a notebook using your favorite internet browser. They will be there when you need them. Open your Notebook by clicking the link listed on the left side of your personal profile screen. Don't see the link, activate the Notebook service now.

Search SharePointSearch Everything

SharePoint search is a very powerful way to locate information stored inside the environment even if you don't remember where you saw it last time you visited. You can easily locate shared documents by other users, files you lost deep inside other folders, as well as other people and the team they work with. Need a phone number for someone you spoke with in a meeting but you can't remember their name? Search by the job description under the "People" category. SharePoint will list everyone in the organization that has that job title. Need to start a new PowerPoint presentation and you want to use part of another document to save time gathering the information? Search "Everything" and SharePoint will bring back a list of choices for you ro review. If you have access to read it and SharePoint can too, Search will find it for you.