New Employees

New Employee Technology Resources

Below is a list of guides to help a new employees with Saddleback's IT services.

Guest Wireless Access

Access is available through a special code. You can access the code by clicking on the Guest WiFi link on our menu. Note that a Saddleback login is required to view the web page.

Staff Wireless Access

If you are an employee of the college, please use the "STAFF" wireless network. You will be asked to authenticate using your Active Directory account password. This is the same account you use to login on campus computers as well as accessing your email.

Additional Wireless Settings

Some systems require additional information such as Android devices and Linux based computers. The authentication methods required are displayed in the images below. If your device does not ask for these settings, it means it has already detected and set them automatically.

Android Devices

Android Settings for wireless access, Step 1Android Settings for wireless access, Step 2Android Settings for wireless access, Step 2

iOS Devices

iOS Settings for wireless access, Step 1iOS Settings for wireless access, Step 2iOS Settings for wireless access, Step 3

Getting Phone Support

How to Documents

Phone Preview PowerPoint Presentation or video tutorial.

For general operating questions and phone capabilities please view the appropriate documents below for your phone model.

Quick Reference Guides and Manuals

Ivanti Service Desk is Saddleback's ticketing system to submit an Incident (technology is broken or not working) or Service Request (request for user access, av events, etc.)

How to submit an Incident

Service Request Offering Overview

1. Submit a Zoom Account Service Request

2. When your Zoom account is created you will receive an email to Activate your account. Click on "Activate your Zoom Account" in the email.

Activate Zoom email

3. Click on Sign Up with a Password.

Create Zoom Account with Password

4. Fill out the form, then click "Continue".

Zoom Enter Info Form

5. Your account has been activated and you can now login to Zoom.