Password Assistance

Helpful Information for Students

When you become a student at Saddleback College or Irvine Valley College, the application process provides you with a unique student identification number. During the application process you are asked to select a 4 digit PIN. Please make sure you write that down. For some people, this could be the last 4 digits of their social security number. Others may choose their birthday (month and year). Either way, it is essential that you remember it. If you have forgotten your identification number or PIN, please go to our Admissions and Records office with a photo ID so they can look it up for you.

When you apply, you are provided the option of selecting a preferred personal email account instead of using your Saddleback Account provided by the district.

Still need additional information regarding general student support? More information can be found at the Student Technical Support site.

Further support instructions are provided by our District Services site.

Call us for student assistance over the phone at (949) 582-4363 or send an email to

Employee Username and Password

Reset your password using the online Password Reset Utility.

Once you are hired at either Saddleback College or Irvine Valley College, the provided default password for your domain account is the last 4 digits of your social security number, followed by 2 zeros.

You can easily change your password by logging in to a computer on campus, holding the CTL ALT DEL keys and then click "change a password". This will reset your network logon.  You can also contact one of our friendly help desk agents by calling (949) 582-4600.

Faculty and Staff email accounts are automatically set up for you once you are hired. Some employees will need to do a work order to have an account set up for them prior to starting a new part-time work schedule.