Saddleback Technology Plan

Saddleback’s vision is to become the first choice of students who seek a dynamic, innovative, and student-centered postsecondary education. The college uses an array of technology, technological systems, and software to assist in meeting its vision, mission, and goals. The Technology Services department provides technology support in the areas of data network administration, desktop computers, IP telephones, software and database support, data storage, server administration, web administration, private cloud services, SharePoint, audio-visual services, IP-based cameras, learning management system, application development, print management, electronic medical records, access-control, and instructional computer labs.

This five-year plan is lofty and has eight technology goals with thirty-four objectives. The eight technology goals are:

  1. Design, enhance, and maintain infrastructure to support the technological needs of students, faculty, staff, and management based on the fast-evolving technological landscape
  2. Develop, enhance, and maintain technological systems that will enable the college to deliver all onsite services online
  3. Research, test, and implement various technologies that enhance student experiences and support student success
  4. Enhance all classroom technology and develop a n environment supportive of 21st century technology and up- to-date technology -based instructional tools
  5. Cultivate an environment of technical proficiency through professional development opportunities for all faculty, staff, and management
  6. Ensure integrity , security and availability of data and technologies
  7. Support the expansion of community service, college awareness, outreach and distance learning functions of Saddleback broadcast properties KSBR -FM and Channel 39
  8. Support quality and growth in online education for all courses and programs

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