Accessing Tutoring

Accessing Free Online Tutoring

Saddleback Peer Tutors will be offering online tutoring for all subjects Mon-Thurs 8am-7pm; Fri 8am - 2pm. Our third party vendor, NetTutor, is available 24/7.  No appointments, ALL tutoring is drop-in. 

To access our tutoring services, you must register for the no cost, zero unit, TU 300 (does not show on transcripts). Click HERE to register. 

Online tutoring will continue to be offered in two ways - Saddleback Peer Tutors and NetTutor. Live face-to-face tutoring, group tutoring, question drop off, and paper review are available. 

- Third Party Vendor
- 24/7 Availability
- 100+ subjects offered

Saddleback Peer Tutors
- Our own Tutors
- Mon-Thurs 8am-7pm; Fri 8am - 2pm
- Limited Subjects offered

Once registered for TU 300, online tutoring can be accessed through Canvas. There will be a delay (up to 24 hours) for the course to appear on the dashboard. Click here to be taken to Canvas

Step #1 - Sign-in to your Canvas account. Step #2 - Click on TU 300. Step #3 - Click on NetTutor OR Saddleback Peer Tutors. 

Video tutoring sessions (e.g., Zoom) will be recorded for quality and training purposes. 

Click the following links for more information on each subject:
NetTutor Subjects Offered
NetTutor Step-by-Step Guide
Saddleback Peer Tutor Step-by-Step Guide 
Tutor Schedules

Special population students will be granted additional tutoring time (length of time is dependent upon tutor availability and students in the queue). 

Extension of tutoring sessions are permitted only when there are no other students waiting.*It is up to the professional discretion of the tutor to extend sessions beyond the set 30-60 mins.

  • After 60 mins - Students will be asked to take a break
  • After 2 hours - Students will be asked to take a break and log back on with a different available tutor.