Accessing Tutoring

Accessing Free Online Tutoring

Fall 2020: The LRC Tutoring Center will be fully online. No in-person tutoring will be available. 

Tutoring Availability for Fall Semester

Tutoring will be offered in two ways and will be drop-in only, no appointments. Live face-to-face tutoring, group tutoring, question drop off, and paper review are available. 

There are two ways to get tutoring:

- 3rd Party Vendor
- 24/7 Availability
- 100+ subjects offered

Saddleback Peer Tutors
- Our own Tutors
- M-Th from 8 am to 6 pm, and F from 8 am to 2 pm
- Limited Subjects offered

Online Tutoring can be accessed through Canvas. Click here to be taken to Canvas. Step #1 - Sign-in to your Canvas account. Step #2 - Click on TU 300. Step #3 - Click on NetTutor OR Saddleback Peer Tutors. 

Click the following links for more information on each subject:
NetTutor Subjects Offered
Saddleback Peer Tutor Subjects Offered
NetTutor Step by Step Guide
Saddleback Peer Tutor Step by Step Guide
Tutor Schedules