Become an Online Student Mentor

Become an Online Student Mentor

The Online Student Mentors Program will be offering TWO different mentor opportunities. One focusing more on navigating the online learning environment and one focusing more on career development and interests. You are cordially invited to apply for the fall 2022 semester. Please read the descriptions below. 

#1 Online Student Mentors:

Are you looking for a job and an opportunity to help other students? Have you taken an online class before? You might be interested in applying for an Online Student Mentor position in the LRC Tutoring Center! Faculty members teaching online spend a considerable amount of time assisting students with the routines, procedures, and expectations of an online course. Though time-consuming, this support is often critical to their students’ success. To address these needs in the online classroom, we introduced the Online Student Mentor Program. Online Student Mentors will be assigned online courses and spend a few hours per week on the following tasks:

- Emailing enrolled students throughout the semester

- Sharing personal experience in online courses with students

- Posting reminders for upcoming assignments, tests, and important dates 

- Encouraging students to ask questions and to stay in contact 

- Assisting students with simple Canvas issues (eg, where to log in, how to find assignments).

- Holding weekly “mentor hours” for phone and Zoom appointments

- Providing information on discussion board posting frequency and length

- Offering a list of “Success in the Online Classroom” tips and available resources

#2 Online Student Mentors - Learning Pathways:

Are you looking for a job and an opportunity to help other students? Do you have valuable experience that you are willing to share with peers who have similar career interests? You might want to consider applying for an Online Student Mentor - Learning Pathways position in the LRC Tutoring Center! Canvas shells specific to each of Saddleback’s seven Learning Pathways will be available to help guide students to important resources that will assist in their journey to achievement. These Canvas shells will also provide a forum for students to ask questions and connect with their peers. Online Student Mentors - Learning Pathways, will assist with the facilitation of online interactions and serve as a valuable contact for those who want to know more about the student experience from a peer in their Learning Pathway. Online Student Mentors - Learning Pathways will spend 10 hours per week on the following tasks:

- Sharing personal career interests/experience in online courses with students

- Encouraging students to engage

- Assisting students with simple Canvas-related issues (e.g., where to find resources)

- Hold weekly "mentor hours"

- Helping to moderate communication on the pathway discussion boards

- Collaborating with Learning Pathway faculty/leadership

- Participate in Learning Pathway team meetings (as needed)

ALL Online Student Mentors WILL NOT:

- Assist students with technical questions (eg, determining login information) 

- Discuss discipline specific content

- Create exercises or lessons for students 

- Give advice on discussion board posting content

- Complete work on behalf of the student or provide answers to tests quizzes

- Provide personal email or cell phone information

- Meet with the student(s) outside of the Center

To Apply: According to a study that looked at 2,880 survey responses, online students who had mentors were about twice as likely to pass a course than those who did not! Interested students should have the following minimum qualifications:

Must have successfully completed at least one online course at Saddleback College and be a full-time student at the college. 

Qualified applicants will be invited to interview. APPLY HERE.

Email us at or call 949-582-4519 for more information.

We are excited about this opportunity to support our online students.