Directed Learning Activities (DLAs) & Chemistry Modules

Directed Learning Activities & Chemistry Modules

Directed Learning Activities and Chemistry Modules provide supplemental support for students looking to gain additional understanding of key concepts through practice grounded in contextual learning. With support and guidance from English, Math, and Chemistry faculty, tutors in the LRC Tutoring Center now facilitate Directed Learning Activities and Chemistry Modules for students of all levels.

Logistics for Students

  • By registering for TU 300, students have access and can complete DLAs/Modules. Once a DLA/Module is completed, tutors are available to review it with the student. 
  • DLAs and Modules should take 45 minutes to complete.
  • DLAs will be graded credit/no credit, based on the DLA rubric which will be reviewed by both the tutor and student.
  • Electronic DLA Credit Forms must be completed by the tutor and student, and emailed to the student and instructor.

List of Directed Learning Activities

Simple Sentences Colons and Semicolons Summary Writing
Fragments Subject/Verb Agreement Verb Tense Consistency
Run-ons, Comma Splices Crafting Thesis Statements Topic Sentences
MLA Format Transition Sentences Organizing and Outlining Ideas
APA Format Evidence- Supporting the Thesis Active/Passive Voice
Answering a Prompt Active reading Strategies Reading Textbooks
Compound and Complex Sentences Commas

List of Chemistry Modules

Dimensional Analysis
Subatomic Particles and The Periodic Table
Nomenclature of Inorganic Compounds
Types of Reactions & Balancing Chemical Equations
Molecular and Reaction Stoichiometry
Lewis Structures, Molecular Polarity & Molecular Models

For questions regarding Chemistry Modules, please email Dr. Kim d'Arcy (

List of Directed Learning Activities for Math

Dimensional Analysis Factoring 1&11
Trigonometry 1
Trigonometry 11: Graphs of the sine and cosine functions
Trigonometry 111: Tangent and Cotangent
Trigonometry 1V: Secant and Cosecant   
Trigonometry V: Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Exponential Functions
Logarithmic Functions 1
Logarithmic Functions 11
Logarithmic Functions111
Maximum/Minimum of a Quadratic Function
Maximum/Minimum of a Quadric Function DLA - Solutions
Transformations 1: Rigid Transformations
Transformations 11: Rigid and Nonrigid Transformations
Piecewise-defined Functions I 
Piecewise-defined Functions 11

For questions regarding Math DLAs, please email Professor Sumaya McCleave (