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Donate HereThe Saddleback College Learning Resource Center Tutoring Fund is committed to challenging students and enhancing success. The Tutoring Center at Saddleback College offers free tutoring and individualized learning in English, ESL, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Natural Sciences, and other subject areas. Our mission is to promote academic achievement through tutoring, mentorship, and helping students become independent learners. 

“Own Your Success” is a campaign which challenges students to be actively involved in their learning experience. By donating today, you will be providing additional tutoring hours for students to build their academic skills in both the classroom and their professional lives. 

The Story of Caitlin

Hi, my name is Caitlin and I've been tutoring in the Tutoring Center for two years and studying here since we opened. Growing up with a single parent, we were on government aid while my dad worked 70 hour weeks as I took care of my sister. As I transitioned to college I worried about making rent, while I was studying organic chemistry and vector calculus. I felt alone and so different from my classmates. Poverty isn't very visible in South Orange County, it felt like none of my science and math peers understood how hard every day was, just getting by.
Through the Tutoring Center, I have more than a just a community and peers - I have the coolest nerd friends a person could ask for, and we look out for each other like family. As a girl studying physics and with all the hardship from before, I've had a hell of a time fitting in and making friends. I used to alienate myself, but now things are different. I have grown in my time in the Tutoring Center, more than doing biochem research or studying abroad ever inspired. I started tutoring more than calculus. Now I tutor physics, all math courses, and organic chemistry.
My grades have never been higher, my friendships never stronger, and my happiness has never been so great as it is now that I've found my home on campus, here in our LRC Tutoring Center.

To hear more about the valuable experiences of working in the Center as a tutor, more specifically, the Center's pantry needs, please contact Antoinette Marano at tmarano@saddleback.edu. 

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please contact Dr. Kim d'Arcy, Acting Director, Learning Assistance. 

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