Register for TU 300

Register for TU 300

Tutoring 300 (TU 300) is a zero-unit, no cost course (does not show on your transcripts) which gives you access to the many services offered by the Learning Assistance Program. “TU 300 is a semester long course. Students must register for TU 300 every semester if they want continued access to our tutoring services and workshops for the full academic year.” 

Fall 2022 Ticket Number:

21890 - Tutoring will be available in-person and online.

21900 - Tutoring will be available in-person and online. Designated for students in PASS.

21905 - Tutoring for students enrolled in Saddleback Adult ESL (AESL) courses.

21910 - Tutoring services for this section will be offered online only. 


TU 300 Course Listing

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