Supplemental Instruction for Fall 2014

Fall 2014 – Math and Science Learning Communities (SI)

Project Overview

This project is designed to promote collaborative learning among faculty, peer tutors, and students in an effort to improve student success in at-risk Math and Science courses.  In Fall 2014, faculty involved in this project will recruit one student to work in the classroom and serve as a peer tutor for their students in targeted courses.

Expectation of Faculty

Each faculty member will be expected to:

1. Recruit ONE (1) student to work in his/her classroom and to serve as a tutor for his/her students. 

2. Mentor, train, and evaluate this tutor throughout the semester.

3. Establish scheduled days/times for course tutoring: drop-in (one-on-one), study groups, and/or exam review sessions.

4. Encourage students in his/her class(es) to participate in this tutoring opportunity.

Expectation of Tutor

Each tutor will be expected to:

1. Spend up to two hours each week in the classroom of the faculty member.

2. Work directly with the faculty member on his/her learning expectations and outcomes for the students.

3. Spend from 4 to 8 hours per week on tutoring students under the guidance of the faculty member.

General Logistics

1. Location: Tutoring will occur in the LRC Tutoring Center in order to collect apportionment for this project in accordance with Title V Regulations.

2. Documentation and Data: Tracking of tutor hours, student hours, and student retention and success will be an integral part of this project.


Due to limited funding, priority will be given to faculty or a team of faculty who will be serving multiple sections of the same class.

Pay compensation

1. Faculty can use this project as part of his/her college service hours/office hours.

2. Tutors will be paid $12.00 per hour.

Faculty Request ONLY - Getting Involved

As faculty members, if you are interested in participating in this program, please complete the information below and submit it to Patti Flanigan directly at  Math and Science tutoring in the LRC will start on August 25th to December 19th.


Name(s) of Faculty/Team of Faculty

Class Identification
(e.g. Math 251)

Name of Tutor

Work Status of Tutor


Math Faculty and Tutors

Sumaya McCleave Math 3A Leela Safavi Hired
Karla Westphal and Frank Gonzalez March 3C Anahita Sarvi Hired
Jason Hole Math 3A Somayeh Ranjbar Hired
Kia Shafe Math 253
Math 7
Maks Khosravimanesh
Arshang Ferdosian
Hired - 10 hours total
Pat Schubert Math 124 Alex Trujillo Hired
Deanna Valdez Math 3A TBD  
Lisa Silveira Math 3A Sali Gharavi Hired

Science Faculty and Tutors

Katherine Meyer-Canales PH 4A Diego Bravo Hired
Monica Friedrich            Bio 15/ Microbiology Donna Sabet Hired
Sam Abbas Chem 3 Poupak Fakhrai Not Hired Yet
Scott Fier Chem 1A Nathan Sharifrazi Hired
Christina White Chem 1A Adam Fagan Hired
Teresa Bear Chem 1B Leandra Jackson Hired
Steve Teh Bio 3 A Seyed Mirgati Hired
Karah Street/Marcelo Pires Bio 12 Grace Yim Hired