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Liberal Arts Associate Faculty
Foreign Languages
Division of Liberal Arts
Saddleback College

 Sohila Saremi

Associate Professor of Persian Language & Literature

I earned my Ph.D. in Persian Language and Literature from Tehran University (Iran). I have taught Persian literature (classical & modern), language & culture at various universities (Iran & abroad). I have worked at the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies (Iran) as a scholar for years. I have published various books and articles on the field with focus on the classical Persian poetry, as well as 20th century poetry & prose. In addition, I have edited many literary books and articles. Some of my poems have been published as collections, some of which have been translated into Bosnian & English. I currently teach Persian language at Saddleback College.


2012-present, Member, International Society for Iranian Studies, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto, Canada.

2013-present, Member, Farhang Foundation (to celebrate and to promote the study and research of Iranian art and culture for the benefit of the community at large, Los Angeles, CA.



2018, " NowRuz: History and Mythology" (a bilingual presentation on history and mythology of the national celebration of Persians: NowRuz), Saddleback College, SSC building, room 212, (March 15th).

2017, “ Gowhari Gom-gashte dar Khak-e Siah” (A Gem, Lost in the Soil: a survey on life and poems of the great contemporary Persian poet, Ᾱlamtāj Qā’emmaqāmi, better known as Jāle[h]), Diar, 2nd year, No. 3, Spring 1396 Š, PP. 123-141.

2017, " Festival of the Souls in Iran" (a presentation), Saddleback College, SSC building, room 212, (November 1rst).

2017, " Persian New Year: NowRuz" (a presentation on NowRuz, the national celebration of Persians), Saddleback College, SSC building, room 212, (March 16th).

2016, " The Art of losing" ( two poems of Elizabeth Bishop, the great American poet, and short-story writer), Jahān-e Ketāb, 21st year, No. 5&6, Mordad & Shahrivar 1395Š/August-September. PP. 48-49.

2016, " Attar and his Society" ( a lecture on the visage of Persian Society in the works of the great mystic poet of the 12th- 13th century, Attar Neyshaburi), Jordan Center for Persian Studies, University of California, Irvine (Oct. 2nd).  

2016, “The secret of the caged bird's sonnet: A moment with Maya Angelou” (a survey on poems of Maya Angelou, the contemporary eminent American poet and writer),  Jahān-e Ketāb, 21st year, No. 1&2 (serial number: 323-324), Farvardin & Ordibehesht 1395Š/ March-May. PP. 50-52.

2016, “ An Introduction to Nowrouz, Persian New Year” ( a bilingual presentation on rituals and ceremonies related to Nowruz from ancient to modern time, Iran), Saddleback College, SSC building, room 212, (March 15th).

2015, “The Ruins of the Heart: A moment with Dick Davis” (a survey on works and poetry of Dick Davis, the great poet of English literature and the great scholar of Persian culture and literature), Jahan-e Ketab, 20th year, No. 9 (serial number: 319), Dec. PP. 12-15.

2015, “ Attar: The Unhealed Healer” (a talk on the great Persian mystic poet of the 12th- 13th century, Attar Neyshapuri), at The Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of Chicago (December 1st).

2015, “ Celebration of the Dead in Iran: from the past to the present ” (a presentation about the Festival of the Souls in Iran), Saddleback College, SSC building, room 212, (November 4th).

2015, “The Treasure of Endless Beauty of the Friend”, (A Survey on Karim Emami on Modern Iranian Culture, Literature & Art, edited by Houra Yavari, Persian Heritage Foundation, NY, 2014), Persian Book Review (a quarterly on arts and literature), U. S. A.,  Vol. XXV,  No. 83, Fall, PP. 42-50.

2015,“ Pejmān Bakhtiāri,” (a survey on life and works of Pezhman Bakhtiari, contemporary Iranian poet, lyricist, writer and translator), Encyclopaedia Iranica, online edition (accessed on 21 April), available at:

2015, “A Survey on Bolbolestan”, (a didactic and mystical Persian text, edited by Professor Namir Kara-Halilović), Jahān-e Ketāb (book review), 20th year,  No. 1 & 2, Tehran: March & April, PP. 25-27.

2014, Melancholy of Flower ( a selection of poems from 2011 to 2013), United States of America, Book Review.

2013, This Dark Cat (a selection of three poetry collections from 2003 to 2010), United States of America, Supreme Century.

2012, "Bādhā ḵabar az taḡyir-e faṣl midādand" (a critical review to a novel by the eminent fiction writer, Jamal Mirsadeqi), Encyclopaedia Iranica: October 1.

2012, "Ḵāna-ye Edrisihā" (a critical review to a novel by the noted novelist, Ghazaleh ‘Alizadeh), Encyclopaedia Iranica: March 7.

2012, "Attar and Mystical Madness" (a critical review to Attar Neyshaburi's mysticism), Iran Nameh ( a Persian quarterly of Iranian studies), vol. 27, No.1,  pp. 26-32:

2011, "Se qaṭra ḵun" (a critical review to a highly acclaimed short story by Ṣādeq Hedāyat), Encyclopaedia Iranica: August 30.

2011, "Dash Akol" (a critical review to a Popular short story by Ṣādeq Hedāyat), Encyclopaedia Iranica: August 30.

2011, "Zenda be gur" (a critical review to a short story by Ṣādeq Hedāyat), Encyclopaedia Iranica: August 30.

2010, Mystical Terms and Prominent Concepts in Attaar's Works, Tehran, Institute for Humanities and Cultural studies,vol.1:2007, vol.2.

2007-2008, " Function of the Language in Irajmirza's Poetry", Language and Linguistics Journal, vol.3, No.2, seq.6,  PP.83-102.

2007, "A Wolf Lying in Wait",(a survey on Abbas Kiarostami's poetry), Jahane Ketaab, No.374, pp.25-28.

2006, “The Visage of Iblis(Satan) in attar’s Works”, Societas Iranologica Europaea, Proceedings 2003, Vol.11, Milano, PP.209-215.

2005, " Maneli & Urashima" (a comparison between a Poem of Nimayoushij and an old folktail of Japan), Eshraq (Journal of philosophy and Literature), No.2&3, first year, pp.307-318.

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2003, The Visage of Society in attar's Works, Tehran, Institute For Humanities and Cultural Studies.

2002, Taqvim(The Calendar), selected poems, Tehran, Caravan publications.

2001, “Love, This is Love,” Ketab-e Mah (book of the month: literature & philosophy, specialized informative and critical monthly review of Iranian books), Tehran: khaneye Ketab, 4th year, No.9, pp.24-26.

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