Scholarships for Veterans, Active Duty, and Dependents

Saddleback College Scholarships Deadline TBD for 2021: 

1-2 are for military active duty or veterans:
1. To search in Student Veterans of America for scholarship opportunities. 
2. To search in American Veterans for scholarship opportunities.   

3 for dependents or spouses:
3. Apply for T.H.A.N.K.S.USA scholarship for dependents and spouses of U.S. military service personnel.  
Application opens April 1.

4-9 general available to all students in CA or US:
4. Apply for the Niche scholarship.
This website offers many scholarships that range from $1000-$5000 for taking a survey about your city to writing your name and submitting it to writing a small paragraph.
5. To search in the SallieMae scholarship database. 
Search engine for scholarships, can narrow down by major and gender.
6. Apply for the Microsoft Tuition Scholarship.
Need to be enrolled to bachelors degree program and GPA of min. 3.0. closed for now, will open back up for fall semester.
7. Apply for the Levin Firm Scholarship.
500+ word essay on what safety features can be added to cars to cut down on injuries when a car crash occurs?
Create an original greeting card.
9. Apply for The Gallery Collection Scholarship.
Sign up for the Wells Fargo College steps program. It’s free.

**All information subject to change without notice.**