A college course designed for veterans making the transition from Boots to Books.

Spring 2018
Counseling 140
Educational & Vocational Planning
Boots to Books
T&TH, 9:00 - 10:15am, Ticket #20795

Instructor: Kolin Williams, M.S.
Email: Contact Form
Office: VETS Office, SSC 207
Office Hours: Call the VETS Center at 949.582.4252 for current office hours or to schedule an appointment.

Course Description

This course is designed as an instrument of individual and group counseling. Activities are centered on self-analysis including the use of tests and inventories, the analysis of occupational areas and trends, and the study of educational requirements and factors in academic success and personal achievement. Recommended for all freshman students, especially those who are uncommitted to a major or goal. In addition to the above, this course will specifically focus on the needs and challenges of Veterans, active duty military, and their dependents.

Topics Covered

  1. Orientation to Saddleback College and Post-Secondary education in general
    1. Policies and procedures
    2. Academic terminology and practices
  2. Vocational and career assessment
    1. Interests
    2. Skills
    3. Values
  3. Vocational and career information
    1. Sources of information
    2. Gathering and evaluation of career information
    3. Integrating personal attributes and career information
    4. Using the Internet
  4. Academic planning
    1. Educational information
      1. Occupation training programs
      2. Associate degree requirements
      3. Transfer requirements and procedures
    2. Academic skill assessment
    3. Setting educational goals
    4. Creating a personal educational plan
  5. Success in college
    1. Student Services
    2. Study skills
    3. Using technology
  6. Integrating the vocational, career, and academic planning
  7. Information to create a personal educational plan

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Appraise personal skills, vocational interests and values, integrate these factors, and relate them to possible educational and career choices.
  • Identify and utilize a variety of sources of occupational and career information.
  • Identify and utilize a variety of sources of academic and educational information, and demonstrate mastery of educational terminology, procedures, and requirements.
  • Appraise personal academic skills and study skills levels in relation to Saddleback College curriculum.
  • Integrate personal attributes and educational information employing realistic decision-making strategies for personal academic goals.
  • Describe the various student services available at Saddleback College and illustrate the value of the services to the college community.
  • Develop and maintain a portfolio.