The Faces of Our Student Veterans

At Saddleback College, we have pride in our service to our nation’s military veterans. This can be seen in our vast amount of counseling support, dozens of community partners, student activities, Veterans Memorial, VETS Center, and much more. Many do not know who our veterans are or what they look like so we selected a few veterans who use our VETS Program and shared a bit about them with you to bring a face to our students.

We want to thank all veterans for their service to our country and hope to aid you in your transition to civilian life and your career goals.


Argyris Malliaros
Name: Argyris Malliaros
Branch: USMC
MOS: 0311 - Rifleman / Squad Leader
Major: Business Marketing

Mark Naual
Name: Mark Naval
Branch: USN
MOS: 8404 - Infantry / Combat Trauma Corpsman
Major: Physicians Assistance

Joshua Robinson
Name: Joshua Robinson
Branch: USMC
MOS: 0331 - Machine Gunner
Major: Kinesiology

Crystal Babcock
Name: Crystal Babcock
Branch: USMC
MOS: 0619 - Wire Chief
Major: Nursing

Robert Miller
Name: Robert Miller
Branch: USMC
MOS: 0331 - Machine Gunner
Major: Business Econ

Guillermo Montesnajera
Name: Guillermo Montesnajera
Branch: USMC
MOS: Infantry
Major: Psychology
School of Transfer: CSUF
Class of 2014

Robert Phipps
Name: Robert Phipps
Branch: USMC
MOS: 1361 - Engineer Assistant
Major: Rapid Digital Manufacturing

Kamran Sadaghiani
Name: Kamran Sadaghiani
Branch: USMC
MOS: 0311
Major: Mechanical Engineering