General Counseling


Division of Counseling Services  

Position Employee Responsibilities

 Dr. Penelope Skaff x4573

Oversees Articulation Department, General Counseling Services, Matriculation Department and Instructional Programs of Counseling.
Senior Administrative Assistants Catherine Ayad x4807 Gabrielle Landingham x4961 Administrative and clerical support to the Dean of Counseling Services.
Department Chair Sarah Chang x6077 Oversees curriculum development, hire, train & evaluate part-time faculty; Conduct Program Review & Student Learning Outcomes
Generalist Counselor Doug Barr x4317, Hollis Casey x4938, Marianna DeSaracho x4476, Mike Engels x6886, David Francisco x4471
Michelle Gustafson x4940, Maryam Azary x4682
Sharon Nussenbaum x4460
Paris Peck x6888, Jennifer Rachman x4472, Laura Toscano x6189, Kathy Tuominen-Lenny x4435, Lisa Tran x4963, Jan Ventura x4454, Erin Long x4471
Provides academic, career, transfer, and personal counseling and advisement, can serve as counseling instructor of Counseling courses
Generalist Counselor /Athletic Mike Long x4511
Sheryl Christensen x4285
Provides academic, career, transfer, and personal counseling and advisement and serves as an instructor of Counseling courses; Serves as counseling liaison for athletes
Part-Time Counselor Maryam Afshari, Ladi Boustani, Ruth Datu, Camille DeSopo, Alejandra Hurtado,  Christine Lopez-Ediss, Carol May, Mary McCarthy, Jesus Montoya, Maria Rios,  Cindy Sorensen, Deb Watt, Emad Aloka, Carolina Bonitatis, Deborah Chau, Kelli Lyons, Elisa Manese, Marisa Perez-Amorde, Cassandra Terrazas, Taylor Tirona Provides academic, career, and personal counseling and advisement; instructors of counseling courses
Counseling Office Assistant Arthur Araiza x4393 
David Gonzalez x4801
Responsible for front desk duties
Senior Counseling Office Assistant Carla Conn x4226 Responsible for front desk duties 


Position Employee Responsibilities
Articulation Officer Aimee Tran x6213 Supports articulation and transfer agreements
Articulation Specialist Mena Zamani  x4443 Provides support to the Articulation Officer

Student Success Support Program

Position Employee Responsibilities
Student Success Support Program  Dr. Penny Skaff x4573 Coordinates activities and day-to-day operations of Student Success Support Program
Senior Administrative Assistant Rola Murtado  x4569 Provides administrative support to Student Success Support Program 
Senior Student
Success Support Specialist

Jeff Long x6861 Darren England x4986 Natasha Noriega-Goodwin x6173

Proctors and conducts English, reading, and math, ESL, assessments to incoming students. Reviews transcripts from other colleges and universities and high schools to determine alternative placement in basic skills classes; Assists with the Early Alert and probation programs
Matriculation Specialist Christina Bolin x4692 Reviews transcripts from high schools, colleges, and universities to determine alternative placement in basic skills classes.  Assists with Early Alert and probation programs. 
Counseling Office Assistant /Student Success Support Program Vacant x4269 Responsible for front desk duties


Career and Re-Entry Center

Position Employee Responsibilities
Director/Career & Re-Entry Center Rita Soultranian x6245 Plans, organizes and directs all aspects of the Career and Re-Entry Center   
Re-Entry Center Specialist Sholeh Alizadeh x4611 Assists continuing and returning to college students with A & R procedures, workshops, women's conference, facilitates annual department scholarships
Career Guidance Specialist Don Mineo x4965 Provides career guidance, assessments, orientations, class visits and assists student in obtaining college information 
Career Services Technician Juan De la Cruz x4929 Provides instructional and clerical support, orientations, arranges workshops and student support
Counseling Office Assistant Marco Madariaga Benvides x6247 Provides front desk coverage and assists with student technical issues
Office Assistant Vacant x6175 Provides front desk coverage and assists with student technical issues