Division of Enrollment Services

Division of Enrollment Services

Position Employee Responsibilities
Dean Christian Alvarado x4340 Oversees Admissions & Records, Financial Assistance & Scholarships, International Student Office, Outreach Department and Campus Operator.
Sr. Administrative Assistant Bilingual-Spanish Lurdes Casillas x4341 Administrative and clerical support to the Dean of Enrollment Services.

Admissions & Records

Position Employee Responsibilities
Registrar Joyce Semanik x4342 Supervises admissions and records staff and operations, including registration, grade collection, and student petitions; prepares college 320 report to the state.
A&R Specialist 1 Bilingual-Spanish Grisel Heredia x4543 Alicia Olvera x4353 Performs telephone and lobby duties.
A & R Evaluator Elva Araiza x4612 Jeanne Barnhill x4345 Julie Pahan x4346 Evelia Ramirez x4685 Responsible for processing evaluations for degrees, Certificates and OSAS.
Senior A & R Specialist Shirley Gauthier x4360 Vacant x4351 Doris Muchirahondo x4356 Vacant x4287 Process student general petitions, high school student applications, residency; off campus & Emeritus Institute registration.
A & R Specialist II Donald Powell x4361 Responsible for transcript & enrollment/degree verification production for (A-L). Production for (M-Z).
A & R Specialist I 62.5% Kathy Messick x4702 Scans records, distributes mail, and provides telephone coverage.
A & R Specialist I Nancy Fiacco x4350 Serves as lobby representative and assists with data processing.
A & R Specialist I Kathy McGann x4408 Serves as evening counter representative.
A&R Systems Specialist Craig Connor x4343 Technical Lead: Provides information input, report generation and web page maintenance.
A&R Specialist II My Truong x4352 Processes grade record information and student data changes.

International Student Program

Position Employee Responsibilities
Director, International Student Program Angela Yang x4602 Processes requests for admission by international students.
A&R Specialist 1 Andria Metcalf x4637 Assist with application and registration for international students.

Financial Assistance & Scholarships

Position Employee Responsibilities
Director Amber Gallagher x4865 Plans, organizes and directs all aspects of the Financial Assistance and Scholarship programs.
Administrative Assistant Kim Rezvani x4866 Provides administrative support to Director of Financial Assistance & Scholarships.
Financial Aid Specialist Patti Rocklin x4863 Verifies financial aid documents; awards financial aid; process scholarship payments.
Financial Aid Specialist Vacant x4864 Verifies financial aid documents; awards financial aid; assists with Foster Youth.
Financial Aid Specialist Dennis Stachelski x4867 Verifies financial aid documents; awards financial aid; assists Veterans.
Senior Financial Aid Specialist x4862 Completes due diligence process for Federal Perkins loans. Provides questions and answers to KnowledgeBase web site. Coordinates Powerfaids and financial aid and California web grant systems. Serves as internal auditor for FA office. Provides technical support for the return of Title IV funds.
Financial Aid Specialist Tina Dang x4861 Verifies financial aid documents; awards financial aid, coordinates Direct Loan Program.
Financial Aid Specialist Natalie Timpson x6279 Verifies financial aid documents; awards financial aid; coordinates Loan Default prevention.
Financial Aid Specialist Andrea McGinley x6224 Verifies financial aid documents; awards financial aid; coordinates federal work study program; assists with athletes.
Financial Aid Specialist Phuong Vu x4857 Verifies financial aid documents; awards financial aid; coordinates.