Course Catalog

A draft of the 6th edition of the Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH) is linked here. It can be referred to for the preparation of courses and programs.

PCAH 6th Edition

March Rostrom Article: The Reemergence of Noncredit in the California Community Colleges

TECH REVIEW 2017-2018 is Officially Open!

Please visit the Scheduled Review, Unscheduled Review, and New Course Proposal Tabs for complete resources and information specific to the type of submission but here is a summary of the process and timelines for all.

class="notice rtecenter" style="padding: 0.7em;">Course Launch Date for ALL Divisions is May 31st, 2016. This includes:

  • Courses due for Scheduled Review
  • Courses in need of an Unscheduled Review (see allowable reasons on the Unscheduled Review page)
  • New Courses

Additional Information:

  • There is NO expectation for faculty to work during the summer on curriculum.
  • There will be face-to-face meetings in the fall, prioritized on the complexity of the classes: Most complicated first i.e. New, UC transfer, sticky issues, down to the least complicated.
  • Calendar of Fall face-to-face meetings will be developed once courses are submitted and reviewed in the Summer and then organized through the division admins. in the early Fall.

New Process and Timeline for Certificate and Degree revisions and new proposals

  • We are adopting a rolling submission date for new and revised programs. There will no longer be one due date per year for all programs.
  • Revisions and New Program Proposals can be submitted at will/as needed and will be added to the list to be reviewed and processed at the local level on a first in/first out basis. See the New and Revision tabs for complete submission resources and information.
  • There are many moving parts to program approval, and unique to each application so no catalog publication date guarantee can be given. Variables such as number and type of changes, status of courses, UC approval calendar etc. will effect each individual time line. Be prepared for the process to take two catalog years and be prepared that some programs may move through the state process more quickly or slowly than others so order programs are submitted locally will not necessarily be the order they are approved by the state (meaning someone who submits after you may become state approved earlier based on variables out of local control).
  • If a new course or modification triggers a certificate or degree change (for example a change to the Course Prefix, Course Name, or number of units) –the course will be held off the curriculum agenda until the program proposal is ready and then both course and program will enter the curriculum approval process at the same time.

If you have questions or need help with any part of the process please contact the curriculum lead assigned to your division.