Welcome to the new curriculum web page for Saddleback College!

Open now:

The Scheduled Review Bar

This link holds the list of courses scheduled for review, the pre-launch course revision due dates listed by division and describes the new process for scheduled technical review of courses.

The process has been revised based on input from faculty and deans.  A few items are still in development so make sure to read and follow directions carefully. New information will be posted as it is ready but faculty can certainly get started on course updates at any time.

The course revision guidelines have been revised to be user-friendly in a screen by screen fashion. A Style Guide is available to provide tips for style and format. Links to all helpful documents are included.

The Curriculum Leadership Team is available through the summer to assist you should you choose to be working on course before the beginning of the school year.

Unscheduled (Off-List) Review Bar

Use this link if you have an already approved course but need to make changes before the next scheduled review time for example to match a C-ID descriptor or if there have been changes in your industry or discipline. Step by step guidelines, simple request form, and submission directions can be found inside the link.

The New Course Proposal Bar:

Use this link if you want to propose a brand new, never been offered at Saddleback course (or a course that was offered at one time but was deleted or made obsolete and needs to be brought back). Inside the link you will find step-by-step guidelines, forms, and submission directions and timelines for 2016-2017. Please read through each item (I have tried to keep things simple) and email me if you don't find answers to the questions you might have.

The Online Course Approval Bar

Use this link to find information about offering courses online.

Remember the process is new! Courses are approved, not individual faculty. Accreditation requires that all courses planned to be scheduled online need to complete the NEW approval process. The online course addendum form and step by step process including FAQs can be found inside. 

Also inside this link is a status report for submitted addendums listing "In progress" or "Approved: Ready to Schedule." This status report will be helpful for Senior Admins.

Handbooks, Guides, and Forms  Bar

Tools and reference materials to guide curriculum development.

Thank you for your patience. Please email me with questions and suggestions,

June Millovich

Curriculum Chair