THREE Immediate and Important Curriculum Tasks (as of August 13)

TASK 1. Divisions need to select Curriculum Committee Members

  • Curriculum Meetings are on alternate Thursday afternoons beginning September 3rd from 3-5
  • Each division must have 2 representatives and an alternate.
  • Curriculum Committee By-Laws This document contains the responsibilities of the curriculum committee member.
  • This year the curriculum committee members will be learning about and providing input on the new curriculum documents and procedures that are evolving. As members become familiar with the processes, they will be able to be even more helpful in their own divisions to faculty  working on the various elements of curriculum.
  • General Education Meetings: 4-5 pm Wednesdays 10/7, 10/21, 11/4, 11/18

TASK 2. Complete Online Addendum Forms for all courses to be offered in the 2015-2016 academic year if you have not already done so. Due August 28th.

  • You can check to see if your forms have been submitted under the Online Course Approval tab: Look for the status report. 
  • Directions and form are also under the same tab if you still have courses to complete.

TASK 3. Faculty who have courses on the list for Scheduled Review, or who have submitted unscheduled review (off list) requests should be actively working on making the revisions in CurricUNET.          List of courses for Scheduled Review

Revision due dates are listed below by division with a special call out to courses needing revision for C-ID. All revisions are to be completed in CurricuNET by 11:59 on the Pre-Launch due date.

Revisions for C-ID are due August 24th regardless of when the pre-launch date for the rest of the courses in the division are due. 

  • The Guidelines for Course Revision: Scheduled and Unscheduled Review (rev 8 17)have been updated and (people have said) they are pretty easy to follow, but if not, or if you have any questions your go-to person is the  curriculum lead assigned to your area who can assist you with any step. Check the menu on the left to see who is assigned to your area.

    • The CurricUNET process has been finalized. It is now ok to click SUBMIT when finshed with your course modifications. This will launch your course to your curriculum lead for the first step in technical review.

    • IMPORTANT: Do not complete a curriculum action form until notified to do so by your lead.

Launch Due Dates by Division (clicking "submit" after all sections of outline have check-marks launches the course to the curriculum lead to begin the technical review process). Once launched, faculty can no longer edit unless asked for feedback through CurricUNET by any member of the review team.

  • Monday  8/24/15            BUS, OELR, TCSP, C-ID, SBS
  • Thursday  9/3/15            FINE ARTS (revised to accomodate CurricUNET service day and specialist vacation)
  • Friday 9/4/15                  MSE
  • Wednesday, 9/9/15        LA
  • Wednesday, 9/16/15      KNES, Emeritus
  • Wednesday, 9/30/15      ATAS, AESL
  • Wednesday, 10/7/15      HSHS

Launch For Tech Review means: All courses need to be revised in the CurricUNET system for review by the Curriculum Leadership Team (CLT) on or before the assigned date listed above.

Tech Review has been redefined as "The review and feedback process that occurs PRIOR to the final approval". In this way we hope to avoid any last minute issues that delay approval of the course.