Each family will be responsible to pay a $125.00 per year, non-refundable registration fee payable due upon initial enrollment and each September 1st thereafter. Student enrollment is first come, first serve at the beginning of each new semester's registration period.

Saddleback College Students may enroll their child into the Child Development Center after they have enrolled in their Saddleback College courses. A current copy of your college registration is required to receive priority enrollment for your child. Staff, Faculty and Community registration is available on an ongoing enrollment basis depending upon availability of space after the Saddleback College students have enrolled.

Student Scholarships funded through the Associated Student Government (ASG) and/or other grants may be available on a first come/first serve basis to provide additional child care cost savings for our students.

During Spring and Fall semesters, one parent/guardian must be enrolled in six (6) or more semester units to qualify. During the Summer semester, one parent/guardian must be enrolled in three (3) or more semester units to qualify.

Discounts are subject to change if enrollment in classes are dropped or withdrawn. A Student Discount Eligibility Form and current registration will be required as proof for student rates.

For more information about discount eligibility email the Child Development Center or call (949) 582-4582.

Tuition fees have been prorated for the entire year to include non-operational days. Tuition fees are paid in equal monthly installments taking into consideration that there are periodic holidays, breaks, and in-service days which are observed by the Child Development Center.  Therefore, there will be no reduction of fees for the months in which the center is closed during the M-F week. 

As a licensed child care facility, we must provide adequate staffing at all times for the total number of children enrolled. No tuition credit will be given for any days the Center is closed or any day that a child is absent due to vacation or illness. Extra days may be granted (depending upon availability of space) and additional daily-rate fees will then be charged.

For current tuition rates, please contact the Child Development Center.


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