At Saddleback College, we are committed to supporting our undocumented and mixed-status population. Our goal is to provide our undocumented and mixed-status students with the access, resources, and necessary tools to succeed in their academic, personal, and professional aspirations.

Through our undocumented student services, our students will gain insight into what is available to them, have access to designated career workshops, legal services, and intentional counseling based on their unique needs. 

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More About Undocumented Student Services

FREE Legal Services

Legal services are provided to Saddleback college’s undocumented and mixed-status student population through immigration rights organization, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA).

CA Dream Act

Undocumented students can apply for state financial aid through the CA Dream Act application, if eligible. CA Dream Act application opens Oct. 1. Priority deadline is March 2.

AB-540 Affidavit

Undocumented students can apply to pay in-state tuition if they meet the minimum requirements. Eligible students submit the AB-540 form with required documents.


PhDreamers supports and advocates for undocumented students pursuing STEM fields. They offer policy information around STEM program, advocacy, and mentorship.

Immigrants Rising

Immigrants Rising provides additional tools and resources for undocumented students, such as, financial aid information, scholarships, fellowships, and policy information.


MyUndocumentedLife is an all-encompassing platform providing undocumented students with resources and up-to-date information, including employment opportunities, scholarships and more.


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