Our vision is to aid student athletes in achieving success not just on the field, but within the classroom by creating a positive and productive learning environment.

Summer 2023 hours of operation are Mon-Thurs 8am-7pm; Closed Friday 

For general PASS information please contact Dustin Bothwell, Learning Assistance Specialist. Email at dbothwell@saddleback.edu or by phone at (949) 348-6190.

TU 300 for Student Athletes

Registering for TU 300 allows students to take advantage of the services offered by the Learning Assistance Program. 

  • Fall 2023 TU 300 ticket # 20080, No cost, zero unit class
  • Student athletes are encouraged to complete three hours per week of learning assistance support (e.g., tutoring, instructional support)
  • Free Tutoring is available to all student-athletes. These sessions have been designed to assist student-athletes with general:
    • Academic skill development
    • Specific course work
    • Structured study time
  • Student athletes registered in TU 300 will be encouraged to complete a grade check during week 7 and week 12 of the semester

Academic Counselors and Student Services Support

Our academic counselors are designated to work with student-athletes. They are available for one-on-one appointments by calling (949) 582-4572 or by visiting the the Counseling page.

Meet our Athletic Counselors:

If assistance is needed with non-academic barriers (e.g., food insecurity, homelessness, etc.) please contact the Student Health Center or call (949) 582-4606.