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The Kinesiology - Exercise Science A.A. degree is designed to prepare students for higher education and careers in athletic training, physical therapy, and other exercise physiology/science-related fields. Students will obtain essential knowledge and skills to examine human movement, analyze the effects of physical activity on the body, and apply preventative and rehabilitative theories and techniques. Students will study foundational anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and components of fitness, while exploring the fundamentals of kinesiology and related fields in the allied healthcare continuum. This program provides an educational background suitable for assistant and aide positions in physical therapist offices, athletic training facilities, health and wellness institutions, as well as training and coaching positions in fitness and sports centers. Many of the courses in this degree will transfer to kinesiology and/or exercise science baccalaureates as well as demonstrate achievement of knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in accredited athletic training and/or physical therapist programs.

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