Schedule an appointment by booking online with our Online Appointment System or by calling our office at (949) 582-4572.

To be added to our Counselor Callback list for brief 15-minute questions, call us at (949) 582-4572 or email us at Be sure to include your name, student ID number, and a brief note describing the question or issue you wish to discuss with the counselor.

About Counseling Appointments

September, October, February, and March are among the best times to make an appointment. Please be aware that appointments book quickly during peak periods, such as registration and the start and end of each semester. During these times, we will have same day in-person walk-ins and callbacks available to get your questions answered.

NOTE: appointments with Farsi-speaking counselors are limited. For a Farsi-speaking counselor, please call (949) 582-4572 to arrange an appointment.

One-hour Appointment, Walk-in, or Callback – Which is right for you?

One-hour Appointments

  • Develop an educational plan
  • Career and college exploration
  • Financial Aid eligible education plans (including SAP Appeal support)
  • Transfer planning (including application support)
  • Personal counseling

Walk-in or Callback

  • Same-day, first come-first served; no appointment needed
  • 15-20 minute sessions to ask questions and receive support
  • Students may be directed to schedule a one-hour appointment by the counselor
  • NOTE: educational plans cannot be completed during these sessions

Helpful Videos and Services


If you have problems or concerns please email Dr. Skaff, Dean of Counseling.