Online (Emergency 24-hour and 3-day processing)

Saddleback College uses Parchment to accept transcript orders on the Internet via a secured site. The Parchment option:

  • Allows you to submit your request anytime day or night.
  • Eliminates the need to come to Saddleback College to place an order.
  • Authorizes and processes your credit card payment.
  • Facilitates the authorization to release student records as required by law.
  • Provides e-mail or fax communication with you while your order is being processed.
  • Allows you to track the status of your order.


Order Your Transcript

NOTE: There is a minimal charge for this service

To reach Parchment support for problems with your order click here or call (847) 716-3005 for urgent issues with your order. 

In-Person (Standard 10-day Processing Only)

IMPORTANT: Saddleback College does not accept emergency transcript requests (by paper form) in person. Emergency transcript requests must be submitted online.

You may come in person to GW 135 to submit a Transcript Request Form in person. The Transcript Request Form can only be submitted in person.

  • Photo identification is required
  • Cash, check or credit cards are accepted for payment.

Please allow 10 working days for transcript requests submitted in person to be processed.

Check the Status of Your Online Transcript Order

Once the Transcript order has been processed in Credentials, You can view the Transcript status/details in your MySite profile under "My Information" > "Transcript Requests."

NOTE: Students should verify that all grades and other notations are posted on their transcripts prior to submitting the transcript request. Students should check their unofficial transcripts online through MySite.

  • Each student is entitled to receive two transcripts or two verifications at no cost.
  • After the initial two transcripts or verifications have been requested, each additional request is $6.00. Standard transcript requests will be processed within ten working days; however, during peak periods there may be some delay.  Standard transcripts requests must be ordered in person, in the Admissions & Records Office.
  • Emergency processing fee is $5.00 each in addition to the $6.00 transcript fee. Emergency transcript requests will be processed on an emergency basis within 24 hours; however, during peak periods 48 hours may be required. Emergency transcripts requests must be submitted using the online request option only. Saddleback College does not fax transcripts.
  • Transcripts may be ordered online at Parchment. This is the quickest way to receive a transcript; however, the online request system cannot accommodate the two free transcripts.
  • Official final grades for all classes are available on transcripts approximately two weeks following the end of the semester. This processing time also applies to those classes that ended midway or prior to the end of the semester.
  • Only coursework taken at Saddleback College will be included on the transcript. Copies of transcripts from other colleges, including Irvine Valley College, must be requested from the respective institutions.
  • No transcripts will be sent until all financial obligations have been met, including fines and fees.
  • Transcripts ordered for pickup at Saddleback College will be held for only 30 days. After that time, students are required to submit a new request with payment.
  • Saddleback College is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.
  • In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the college will not release records to a third party. Only students themselves may personally order or pick up a transcript.

Transcripts from other institutions can be submitted to Saddleback College electronically, by mail, or in person. Transcripts must be in English - Provide English translation by an official translator if necessary.

NEW STUDENTS: Please ensure that you have applied to Saddleback College and have been issued a Student ID number. This Student ID number will be linked to your electronic student records (including transcripts from other institutions) at Saddleback College.

IMPORTANT: Prerequisites are not cleared automatically when transcripts are sent to Saddleback College. Please visit the Clearing Prerequisites webpage for procedures and requirements. If you have any questions, please call 949-582-4970.


Saddleback College accepts electronic transcripts through most services; including, but not limited to: Credentials, Parchment, Scribbles Software, SCRIP-SAFE, The National Student Clearinghouse, Joint Services Transcript Services: AARTS (ARMY/AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EDUCATION REGISTRY TRANSCRIPT SYSTEM), and SMART (Sailor / Marine ACE Registry Transcript).

By Mail or In Person

IMPORTANT: Official transcripts must be in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution. Any unsealed transcripts will not be received/accepted.

Please mail or deliver transcripts to:

Saddleback College
Office of Admissions, Records, and Enrollment Services
28000 Marguerite Parkway
Mission Viejo CA. 92692

Fax or Email

Saddleback College DOES NOT accept transcripts by Fax or Email.

Unofficial Transcripts can be accessed and printed from your student MySite account. Log-in to MySite and select My Classes > Academic History.

View Grades Online

Grades Online

To view your grades online after your classes are finished, Log In to MySite using your Student ID and PIN or your Username and Password. All grades are available approximately 3 weeks after the semester is over, all of the grades from the semester are posted to your transcript and will then appear on the "Academic History" page.

  1. Log in to MySite
  2. Click on "My Classes" and then click on "Unofficial Grades."
  3. Select the Semester by the dropdown box.

Approximately 2 weeks after the semester is over, all of the grades from the semester are posted to your transcript and will then appear on the "Academic History" page.

Grades On Transcripts

Grades are posted to the transcript as they are submitted by the instructor to the Office of Admissions and Records.

All official Grades should be available on transcripts 3 weeks after the semester is over. This includes grades from the full semester as well as short-term classes. If your grade is not posted on your transcript two weeks after the semester's end date, please contact your instructor for a status of your grade submission.

NOTE: If you have a grade assigned as RD or your grades are not displayed, this means the instructor of the class did not submit grades by a grade submission deadline. Once your instructor submits grades for the class, a correct grade code will be displayed.

If you would like to contact your instructor, please use the college directory or college division/department to find the instructor's contact information.