No specific college major is required for admission to a school of law. A typical requirement for admission to a school accredited by the American Bar Association is that a student must have been granted a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Some law schools, however, have alternate plans; therefore, students should consult the catalogs of the schools of law where they expect to apply for admission.

There is no definite pre-legal curriculum. The English major is highly recommended. The following recommendations are taken from guidelines supplied by the University of California Schools of Law at Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The student should obtain breadth in humanities, sciences, and liberal arts, such as anthropology, English, history, philosophy, mathematics and logic, sociology, economics, political science, and psychology. A general understanding of the business world is helpful, and strongly recommended is one year of accounting and the acquisition of computer skills. The student should develop writing competence and should take courses in which his or her work is edited vigorously.