The mission of the Foster and Kinship Care Education Program (FKCE) is to provide quality education and support opportunities to caregivers of children and youth in out-of-home care so that these providers may meet the educational, emotional, behavioral, and developmental needs of children and youth.

Why is the FKCE Program Important?

The dramatic increase in the state's foster care population has been attributed to many factors: there are a greater number of children living in poverty, there are increasing numbers of parents who abuse alcohol and drugs, and there has been an increase of cases of child abuse and neglect. The FKCE program plays a vital role in providing licensed foster parents and relative caregivers (now called Resource Parents) with the training and education that will help them in meeting the multifaceted and often complex needs of the children in their care.

Who can Attend the Trainings?

All training sessions are FREE and are open to residents of Orange County. Our target audience is mainly Resource Parents (foster parents and relative caregivers) and respite caregivers. However, most classes are OPEN to EVERYONE in the community including social workers, group home staff, family, and friends. Children are not allowed to attend unless the class description explicitly states it. 

Where are Classes held?

FKCE classes are offered either Online and/or In-Person. Check the current FKCE Schedule of Classes to view all classes offered.

What Type of Classes are Offered?

Our class topics meet the training needs of resource families and are updated regularly.

Class topics address unique parenting challenges and ensure that caregivers have the training they need to meet the educational, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of their children. We aim to inform, inspire and support our caregivers and equip them to make a positive difference in the lives of the children in their homes and hearts.

Whether you are new to being a resource family or are an experienced caregiver, Foster and Kinship Care Education provides you with FREE classes to enhance your parenting skills while providing much-needed support and will increase your understanding of youth in out-of-home care.  

Do you offer classes in Spanish?

We have a comprehensive menu of classes in Spanish. See our “Clases en Español” page for the current schedule of classes.