High School Equivalency (HSE) preparation classes are designed to ensure that students pass all sections of the HiSET® or GED test.

Saddleback College provides free, non-credit, open-entry HSE classes. Apply and register anytime throughout the semester!

The Adult Education program provides High School Equivalency (HSE) exam preparation through free classes offered in the 5 subjects that you will be tested on the official state exam: Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts (Reading and Writing). These classes are offered in both English and Spanish. We also provide free placement and practice tests to assess student readiness for official testing.


Registration for the Summer and Fall 2024 semester is now open. Sign up now before classes fill up! 

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NOTE: Summer classes are held June 3 to August 8, 2024. 

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NOTE: Fall classes are held August 19 to December 18, 2024. 

Getting Started

Are you ready to begin the journey to earn your HSE Certificate? Follow these 5 steps to success!

Create Assessment ID (Click here)

NOTE: New Student Only. Returning students can proceed to Step 2.

The assessment number (also known as an ASAP ID number) is needed when you attend your High School Equivalency Orientation and is used for your initial practice test in reading and math. Returning students who already have an ASAP ID number can go directly to step 2. 

New students must attend a "Live" HSE Orientation held on Zoom or in-person to learn about the program and to be able to register for classes.

HSE Orientation Days and Times:

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays (In-Person) 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Fridays (In-Person) 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Schedule Your HSE CASAS Orientation Appointment with Our HSE Coordinator


Then, students will need to complete assessment exams in Reading and Math. The two practice Reading and Math tests will take about an hour each to complete. These are initial practice exams to help you determine your readiness and amount of preparation support needed to pass the official HiSET® or GED state exam. Please Note: You will need to use a Windows, Mac, Chromebook computer or an iPad to begin testing.

Study and prepare for your 5 Official HiSET Exams by attending your HSE classes.

NOTE: Online classes will be accessed online through CANVAS.

  • AEBE 702NC - Language Arts I (Social Studies, Science)
  • AEBE 703NC - Language Arts II* (Reading, Writing)
  • AEBE 704NC - Math I
  • AEBE 705NC - Math II*
  • AEBE 792 - Language Arts/ Math Lab (to conduct practice exams for the state test)

* These classes have a pre-requisite​.

Schedule your testing appointments and pass all 5 subject exams.

  • Social Studies - 70 minutes on exam, 60 multiple choice questions
  • Science - 80 minutes on exam, 60 multiple choice questions
  • Math - 90 minutes on exam, 55 multiple choice questions
  • Reading - English test: 65 minutes, 50 multiple choice questions // Spanish test: 80 minutes, 50 questions
  • Writing - 120 minutes on exam, 60 multiple choice questions and 1 essay question

NOTE: Official HiSET Exams will be proctored in-person at Saddleback College or by the "HiSET Exam From Home" option. Take one test at a time or all five at once. Each test proctored at Saddleback College is $26.75 (you can retest 3 times per subject every year).

View Official HiSET Testing Options

HiSET® Testing at Saddleback College

Ready to test? Complete your subject tests to earn your High School Equivalency Certificate!

In-Person computer-based HiSET® Testing is offered at Saddleback College once a month and is open to enrolled HSE students and the community. Testing is available in English and Spanish during the first week of every month.

NOTE: Appointments for testing are required.

Learn More About Official HiSET® Testing Offered at Saddleback College

Resources for High School Diploma Option

Are you a few credits short of earning your High School Diploma and interested in completing it through an independent study program? Explore the options offered by our community partners!

College and Career Preparatory Academy is available for ages 18-25. 

Click here to learn more about the free High School Diploma Option offered by our community partners, College and Career Preparatory Academy and the Orange County Department of Education.


Click here to learn about the free High School Diploma option offered by our community partner, Tustin Adult School.