The Adult Education ESL (AESL) program provides six levels of Adult ESL instruction ranging from Basic Literacy to Advanced. Additionally, we offer Citizenship instruction that prepares students for success in their naturalization interview. Adult Education students also have access to free tutoring and bilingual counseling services. We proudly serve approximately 2,000 students per semester.

Saddleback College provides free, non-credit, open-entry AESL classes. 

Registration for the Summer and Fall 2024 semester is now open. Sign up now before classes fill up!

View the Summer 2024 Class Schedule
NOTE: Summer classes are held June 3 to August 8, 2024. 

View the Fall 2024 Class Schedule
NOTE: Fall classes are held August 19 to December 18, 2024. 

Getting Started

Classes Offered

All of the following are free, zero-unit, non-credit courses!

  • AESL 701 - Basic Literacy
  • AESL 702 - Beginning Low
  • AESL 703 - Beginning High
  • AESL 704 - Intermediate Low
  • AESL 705 - Intermediate High
  • AESL 706 - Advanced Low
  • AESL 708 - Citizenship Preparation
  • AESL 730 - Vocabulary Development I
  • AESL 740 - Vocabulary Development II

*Students can earn CDCP (Career Development and College Preparation) certificates in Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced AESL levels after receiving a passing grade in two courses. 


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