Applying for college can be confusing. But it doesn't have to be. Saddleback's enrollment coaches dedicate themselves to your success by providing accurate and timely services. Whether it's questions about the college, assistance through your application, needing a representative to come to your event, or making your way through aid opportunities — we are here to help you.

Have a question? Need support?

If you have any questions about applying and enrolling, Saddleback’s enrollment coaches are ready to help you! Contact an Enrollment Coach at or (949) 348-6519.

Enrollment coach services include:

  • Application and enrollment support (group and individual)
  • Outreach presentations and workshops
  • Campus tours (group and individual)
  • Prospective student events (on-campus)

Meet our Enrollment Coach Team!

The Outreach and Strategic Partnerships Department is proud to introduce our Enrollment Coach Team. This team has been developed to assist prospective students from first interest in Saddleback College through the front door and into a class seat. Our team leads students through our enrollment support services in becoming a new student with us. Once registered, students have access to a Success Coach to maintain contact with our students through the completion of their educational goal.