Saddleback College assigns registration appointments based on compliancy with California Education Code Title 5 Code of Regulations for Community Colleges and SB 1456 Student Success Act. Registration appointment priority grouping allows different student populations to receive a registration date and time based upon their academic status, orientation and assessment status, and student group status.

Saddleback College has four levels of priority registration. In order to register in the first level priority registration group, students must meet ALL State mandated requirements for priority registration prior to registration appointments being assigned.

Registration dates/times are assigned to students in the following order:

Level 1: College students (excluding K-12 students) who:

  1. Have not been on academic or progress probation for their last two consecutive primary terms
  2. Completed less than 100 units overall within South Orange County Community College District (basic skills units are not counted in this total)
  3. Have a qualifying educational goal listed below and have earned less than 30 units from other higher education institutions:
    • Obtain a 2-year Associate Degree and transfer to a 4-year institution
    • Obtain a 2-year Associate Degree without transfer to a 4-year institution
    • Transfer to a 4-year institution without an Associate Degree
    • Earn a Career Technical Certificate without transfer
    • Undecided on Goal
    • To move from non-credit to credit coursework
  4. Complete all matriculation steps in order
    • Orientation
    • Assessment in both Math and English
    • Advisement including a first semester academic plan

Qualifying Level 1 students will be assigned a registration time in the following order:

  1. Pre-Assigned Special Priority Groups in the following order:
    1. Foster Youth students under 25 years old, Active Duty Military and Veterans, DSPS (including K-12 and Emeritus DSPS students), Homeless Youth, Student ParentEOPS, and CalWorks
    2. Athletes
    3. Ambassadors, Honors Students, ;Associated Student Government
  2. Freshman Advantage Students (only those who complete matriculation by a set deadline) - Spring and Fall terms only. Summer does not apply.
  3. Dependents of Spouses of Military/Veterans receiving GI Bill Benefits, Staff/Family of Staff
  4. Continuing Students
  5. New and Returning Students

Level 2: Emeritus Students (Excluding K-12 students)

Level 3: Any students who have (Excluding K-12 students):

  1. Completed 100 or more degree applicable units
  2. Been placed on academic probation
  3. Been placed on progress probation
  4. Declared educational goal of:
    • Prepare for a new job/career (acquire new job skills)
    • Advance in current job/career (update job skills)
    • Discover/Formulate career interests, plans, goals
    • Maintaining license or certificate
    • Improve Basic Skills
    • Completing credits for HS Diploma or GED
    • Educational development
    • 4 year student taking courses to meet 4 year requirements
  5. Not completed all the matriculation steps/requirements by the specified deadline or have been exempted from completed matriculation. Examples of exemptions include students who have already earned an associate degree or higher, or are currently attending a 4-year university.

Level 4: Concurrently Enrolled High School Students


  • Students who have completed prior Associate (or higher) degrees are not eligible for priority registration appointments.
  • Foster Youth are exempt from Level 1 academic/progress probation and unit limit requirements.
  • Concurrently Enrolled Foster Youth high school students will receive a Level 1 appointment date and time.

Appeal Process

Once registration times are assigned, students may appeal the loss of priority ONLY in the following circumstances:

  • Students with disabilities who applied for reasonable accommodations, but did not receive those accommodations in a timely manner.
  • Students who have made significant academic improvement where they meet the minimum grade point average (2.00 or higher) and/or progress standard (completed more than 50% of all units enrolled) to be removed from academic or progress probation.
  • Students who have exceeded 100 degree applicable units, but has not completed their declared program due to pursuing a high unit major.
  • Students who have experienced extenuating circumstance (documented cases of accident, illness, or other circumstanced beyond the student control)
  • Students who have a specific situation that warrant consideration (i.e. last term at Irvine Valley or Saddleback College and needs only one or two specific courses to graduate or transfer.

Students need to complete the Appeal for Loss of Priority Registration and/or Loss of BOG Fee Waiver and submit the required documentation to the Office of Admissions and Records.