The International Student Program is here to assist you during your application process and while you are a student at Saddleback College. The office provides a variety of services that include F-1 student visa immigration advising, health insurance registration, academic workshops, seminars, and social events.

Founded in 1968, Saddleback College is one of the premier community colleges in California and the United States, with over 24,000 students, including over 300 international students from over 40 countries. We are located in beautiful Southern California and only a few miles away from the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean. In Orange County, Saddleback College ranks #1 in transfer to the University of Southern California and UC Santa Barbara, and #2 to UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC San Diego.

IMPORTANT: The pre-enrollment process may take up to 5 business days to complete.

Support Schedule

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We are available to support you via email at Please provide your student number and full legal name in your email.

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We are available to support you via Zoom Chat Monday - Thursday, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.
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SSC 107

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Important Information

If you are an international student needing an F-1 visa to attend Saddleback College, please complete all steps of the international admissions process.

Application Information and Deadlines

Saddleback College offers more than 300 degree and certificate programs. A complete list can be found on our website. If you are unsure what major to select, please choose "General Studies".

Submit an online International Application

NOTE: International students are restricted from studying Nursing, EMT (Emergency Medical Technology), or MLT (Medical Laboratory Technician) majors.

Semester Outside of U.S.A. Applicant In the U.S.A Transfer Applicant
Fall February 1 - August 1 February 1 - August 10
Spring August 1 - January 1 August 1 - January 10
Summer February 1 - May 1 February 1 - May 15

$54 Non-Refundable Application Free

Application fees are non-refundable and cannot be waived. Payment options are:

  • Submit your payment online by logging in to your student MySite account
  • Submit a check or money order payable to "Saddleback College."

If you have any questions regarding payment of fees or tuition, please contact the Student Payment Office at (949) 582-4870.

Required Application Supplemental Forms

Evidence of Financial Resources

  • Submit an official bank statement from a checking or savings account showing adequate financial support for at least your first year of study at Saddleback College. All documents must be in English and cannot be older than four months at the time of application. Funds may be either in US dollars or foreign currency. NOTE: We do not accept Investment Account as proof of funding.
  • Submit a document indicated Sponsorship by an Embassy, Cultural Mission, Government, or Private Company: include a letter or affidavit on the organization's official letter head verifying your sponsorship.


Provide academic records equivalent to graduation from an American high school.

Transcripts or academic records in languages others than English must be translated and attested by a certified translation or credential evaluation service. If you have a foreign university transcript and wish to have it evaluated, you may contact one of the evaluator agencies offered through NACES. For a current list of agencies visit the NACES website.

English Requirement

International students are required to meet the English proficiency by one of the three possible options.

  1. English Proficiency Tests Accepted

  2. Completion of Language School

    Proof of completion of an acceptable ESL level from one of the following intensive English Language Schools:
  3. Review of High School or University Curriculum

    The English test requirement may be waived for applicants who can demonstrate that they have successfully completed the equivalent to Saddleback College ENG 200 at an accredited institution of higher education. Students who have completed 3 years of U.S. high school and have graduated with a diploma are not required to take the above listed exams.

Immigration Documents

  1. Initial Applicants

    • Copy of your passport biographical page
  2. Transfer Applicant (Students who are currently studying in the U.S.A. on an F-1 Visa)



The following are estimated expenses for one academic year (not including Summer sessions). The actual costs may vary.  All figures are in US dollars. Tuition and fees are due in full at the time of registration.  A college health insurance plan must be purchased by all international students.  For more information, please see Health Insurance Information Fees are subject to change by the State of California and the South Orange County Community College District.


View the 2022-2023 Estimate of Costs


There are multiple options for our international students to pay their tuition and fees.  We accept cash, check, credit card, and money order. 

Saddleback College has partnered with Flywire to provide an additional payment solution for our international students. Flywire offers multiple payment options, which includes international credit card payments (i.e. - AliPay, UnionPay) and international wire transfers, all at excellent foreign exchange rates. They’ll ensure your payment arrives safely and accurately.

Please note that no refunds of overpayments will be issued to the student. Rather, all overpayments will be returned via Flywire, to the account from which the payment originated, at the going exchange rate when a return is initiated. The student will be notified, if this should occur.

Payments made via Flywire would only be for those fees charged through MySite, which includes application fees and tuition related fees (i.e. - enrollment, health, material fee, ASIVC). The cost of books and student insurance would not be included in the payment amount.

Phone: +1 800 346 9252

The South Orange County Community College District requires that all Saddleback College international students purchase the approved insurance plan through Relations Insurance Services.

Outside plans are not accepted.

All F-1 visa students are required to purchase health insurance prior to class registration.

To purchase your health insurance plan online using Mastercard or Visa, please click on the following link: and then click on "Enroll." 

For questions, contact Relation at (800) 537-1777 or

Before beginning of each semester, the information about the health insurance is provided to new students at the New Student Orientation.

To familiarize yourself with the health insurance offerings, please view the information in the following documents:

In the event of a non-emergency injury or sickness, the covered student must first visit the Saddleback Health Center located in SSC 177. The Health Center will provide treatment or give a referral to seek care off campus. Eligible expenses incurred for medical care or treatment rendered outside the Health Center for which no referral is obtained may be excluded from coverage. For more information and hours visit the Health Center or call (949) 582-4606.

  • If you have questions regarding eligibility, enrollment, or plan materials call Relation at (800) 537-1777 or visit
  • If you have ID card, claims, network directory, or benefits questions call Wellfleet at (877) 657-5030, TTY 711 or visit is external).

You should keep your health insurance ID cards with you at all times.

NOTE: Dental and vision insurance coverage are not included in this health plan.

It is the responsibility of each student to be familiar with the immigration requirements related to their status. Following the guidelines below will help you to avoid violation of your F-1 status.

Effective August 9, 2018, USCIS updated policy regarding Unlawful Presence, which increases potential consequences for F-1 students who violate their status. The best way to avoid these consequences is to make sure you properly maintain your F-1 status while you are a student and during any F-1 post-completion training periods. Unlawful presence days begin accruing from the day you violated status and can impact your ability to return to the US in the future, including 3 or 10 year bars on re-entry (dependent on number of days accrued).

Basic Guidelines

  • Keep your passport valid for at least 6 months.
    Contact your home country's embassy in the U.S. for information about renewing your passport validity.
  • Keep your local address updated.
    Keep your local residential address current through MySite student account. It must be updated every time you move.
  • Maintain full-time enrollment.
    You must be enrolled in full-time units each semester. For immigration purposes, students must complete a minimum of 12 units per semester. Out of those 12 units, only 3 units or one course can be online (Absolutely NO exceptions).
  • Get the International Office approval before a withdrawal from Saddleback College.
    If for some reason you must reduce your enrollment below full-time units or withdraw from your program, you are required to have approval from the International Office before doing so.
  • Attend the school noted on your I-20.
    You must have a current, valid I-20 from the school you are attending full-time. If you transfer from another school to Saddleback College, or from Saddleback to another school, make sure you follow the proper procedure to transfer.
  • Keep your I-20 valid at all times.
    Your I-20 is only valid as long as you are a continuing, full-time student in your program, or on your approved post-completion training. If you graduate early, your I-20 will be shortened to the last day of your final semester of enrollment. You must notify the International Office of your early completion in order to avoid overstaying. If you need more time to complete your program, apply for an Extension of Program BEFORE the current completion date on your I-20. The completion date can be found on page one of the I-20 form under "Program End Date". You must also request a new I-20 if you change your major.
  • Get a travel endorsement.
    Before any international travel, obtain a travel signature from the International Office. Travel endorsements are valid for one year during the program of study, but ISO recommends to obtain a new signature every time you travel outside of the U.S.

    Exception: Travel endorsements during F-1 post-completion OPT/STEM are only valid for 6 months.
  • Be aware of your grace periods.
    You have a 60 day grace period at the end of your F-1 program. The grace period ends when you depart the U.S., or no later than 60 days after the end of the I-20 or your EAD card (if on OPT), whichever comes first.

    An F-1 student may enter the U.S. initially up to 30 days before, but no later than, the program start date on the I-20.

    An F-1 student may remain in the U.S. for up to 60 days beyond:
    • the completion of the program of study
    • the completion date of any authorized post-completion OPT.​​​​​​​
  • Get proper employment permission and follow employment reporting rules: 
    • On-campus employment - Students who successfully complete their first term with a minimum of 2.50 GPA are allowed to work on campus. Limit employment to 20 hours per week during the academic year. Employment on-campus may be full-time in the summer (if summer is not your first or last semester of enrollment) and vacation periods.
    • Off-campus employment - Work permission must be approved through the International Office and the USCIS. Be aware of employment authorization application procedures, eligibility, deadlines and rules for maintaining status during OPT.


Things to do Before You Arrive in the U.S.:

  • Receive and sign your Form I-20
    The I-20 is required to obtain your visa and enter the US. Currently, the I-20 forms are emailed to the students’ personal email.

    If you are a transfer student, contact your previous school to release your SEVIS record to Saddleback College.
  • Pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee (Initial Students Only)
    Pay at is external) print the receipt (Form I-901). Form I-901 is required to obtain your visa.
  • Apply for an F-1 visa
    Schedule a visa appointment at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy(link is external). Come prepared and check your new F-1 visa for any errors once you receive it.
  • Purchase Health Insurance
    All students are required to purchase health insurance prior to class registration. (See information above.)
  • Housing and Transportation
    Saddleback College does not offer housing or transportation.
  • Book your Travel to the U.S.
    Arrive in the U.S. no more than 30 days before the program stat date on your I-20! Carry your I-20, passport, F-1 visa, and I-901 receipt in your carry-on bags.

Things to do as Soon as You Arrive:

Update your U.S. address, phone number and emergency contacts on your MySite student account.

  • Sign-Up and Attend Orientation
    All Incoming international students are required to attend orientation. Please sign up for orientation and arrive on time. If you miss orientation, you must sign-up for a make-up session scheduled later in the semester.
  • Meet with an Academic Counselor
    An academic counselor will help you plan your academic goals and choose classes. Call or visit the ISO to request a counseling appointment.
  • Register for Classes – 12 units
    Choose classes as soon as possible and register on MySite. You must complete at least 12 units each fall and spring semester and no more than 1 online class. This includes enrollment in the Counseling 1 course (designed for International Students). To choose courses, view the Class Schedule.
  • Pay registration fees
    Online through MySite or in the Student Payment Office located on the 2nd floor of Student Services Center, SSC 208.

    24 hours after you register for classes, you may have your Student ID Card printed at the Admissions and Records Office. You should know and memorize your ID number. Note: When visiting the campus for any in-person services, please bring a Picture ID for verification.
  • TB (Tuberculosis) Test
    Schedule an appointment for a Tuberculosis (TB) test as soon as you arrive in the US by calling the Student Health Center at (949) 582-4606. The test will be given after the semester begins and you must provide the International Student Office with your results within the first 10 days of the start of the semester.

All international students and their dependents present in the U.S. during any part of the previous calendar year are responsible for filing annual tax forms (often called "tax returns" because you may get some money back). Filing tax forms is required for all F visa holders, including dependents.  This is a requirement even if you did not work or earn income in the U.S.

External Tax Resources

Although Saddleback International Office does not advise on individuals' tax matters, we want to help you find the resources you need. Listed below are some additional resources to assist you:

Internal Revenue Service

California Franchise Tax Board

Additional Tax Services for Nonresidents

More Information/Forms


Saddleback College does not offer dormitories or on-campus housing. However, international students have two housing options: homestay or apartments. 

Our students can live with local host families. There are companies that provide host family/homestay placement services in the local area. Second, our students can find a wide variety of off-campus apartments located near the college as well as nearby communities. Please review the information below for more information regarding your housing options!

Homestay Programs

A homestay program is a great option for international students. Arrangements are made for international students to live with local hosts/ families during their studies. In a homestay program, you will typically have your own room, but join the family for meals and learn about the American culture and traditions. This accommodation is the most popular among international students as they are very welcoming and assist in an easy transition. 

View the List of Homestay Agencies.


If you are looking to live alone or with another person where you have a more private living space an apartment is a great option. In an apartment you will have a kitchen, bathroom, your own room and many more necessities essential for being able to live comfortably while you are studying abroad. There are a wide variety of apartment complexes near Saddleback College that offer great accommodations.

View the List of Apartment Complexes.