The link to the Current Online Schedule is on the Saddleback College homepage. On the schedule you will find more information about the classes in which you are enrolled. Instructors may choose to make online classes available before the semester, and sometimes may contact students via email prior to the semester. Some will not enable their course or contact you until the semester begins.

During the first week of class, pay attention to what the teacher requires you to do. Some classes require you to take a certain action by a deadline, or they will drop you.

Check the Online Class Schedule to see when your online class will start, and also for more information about the class including teacher e-mail and website.

Some classes will allow you to access their class before the class actually starts. However, they are not required to have the class available to you until the very first day that the semester begins. If you cannot access the class, please wait to contact the teacher about it until the day that classes are scheduled to begin.

A "closed" course is one that has reached maximum enrollment. Students may not add closed courses without instructor consent. Most online courses have the same enrollment limits as the equivalent "traditional" sections.

Before taking a test/quiz online there are a few precautions you must make before beginning. Ensure the following:

  • Pop-up blocker disabled or on the safe list.
  • Ensure that there are no other windows in the background.
  • All other programs are turned off. That includes Instant Messengers and e-mail.
  • Set aside enough time for the test/quiz.
  • Let anyone in your household know that you are taking a quiz and that you need some time without disturbances to finish it.

When taking a quiz/tests pop-ups are on the top of the list for causing problems. Before taking any test/quiz ensure that you have the pop-up blocker either disabled or have the website on your safe list.

If you have an wireless internet connection at home it is possible that your connection could periodically drop and come back. If you are taking a quiz or test, it is best to connect using a wire to ensure that you won’t get disconnected and locked out of the quiz/test.

Some classes require certain Plugins. Please test your browser to see if you have all of the required Plugins. And view the plugging list to see if you may be missing any.

Before contacting your instructor regarding technical problems please visit the Student Help Desk website. We offer Tutorials, and a Browser requirement database to help aide in fixing the problem.

Periodically there are updates to the online class programs. To check for upcoming downtimes go to System Status on the Student Help Desk website.

It is the student's responsibility to be technologically capable to take an online course, i.e. you should be computer literate and Internet experienced!

Instructors are responsible for teaching course curriculum — not how to use your home computer.

Questions about using and Canvas?

Canvas Basics Videos videos, created for Saddleback College, provide tutorials and tips for success in online classes.

View Canvas Basics Videos