Adjunct faculty members are critical to the success of the Emeritus Institute's mission of promoting lifelong learning by providing academically rigorous, mentally stimulating, socially engaging, and physically strengthening courses for older adults throughout South Orange County.

Faculty Minimum Qualifications

The South Orange County Community College District only hires adjunct faculty members for the Emeritus Institute who meet the California Community College minimum teaching qualifications or demonstrate equivalency.

The Emeritus Institute is proud of its reputation of offering academically rigorous courses which propel older adults in their lifelong learning pursuits. This academic rigor comes from nearly all of our faculty member having earned a masters degree, with many having completed a terminal degree in their academic field.

View the California Community College Minimum Qualifications

Application Process

Individuals interested in submitting an application into the part-time adjunct faculty pool are required to complete the official online application through the South Orange County Community College District. Applications meeting minimum criteria will be forwarded onto the Emeritus Institute for review. Applicants will be contacted for interviews on an as-needed basis coinciding with the strategic goals and needs of the Emeritus Institute.

Academic Disciplines

The Saddleback College Emeritus Institute offers courses in multiple academic fields and is consistently analyzing and expanding its portfolio of courses to meet the lifelong learning needs of older adults. Presently, our academic areas include: 

  • Accounting
    • Improving Investments
    • Stocks and Bonds Management
  • Art Theory and History
    • ​Art Appreciation
    • Art History
    • Contemporary Art and Culture
  • Fine and Applied Art
    • Ceramics - Handbuilding
    • Ceramics - Slipcasting
    • Ceramics - Wheel
    • Enameling
    • Intarsia
    • Jewelry Metal Fabrication
    • Lapidary
    • Life Drawing
    • Painting - Acrylic
    • Painting - Chinese Brush
    • Painting - Oil
    • Painting - Pastels
    • Painting - Plein Air
    • Painting - Watercolor
    • Mixed Media (2D/3D)
    • Sculpture
    • Sketching
    • Stained Glass
  • Biology
    • Natural History of Southern California
    • Bird Watching
  • English
    • Film as Literature
    • Creative Writing
    • ​Bible as Literature
  • Fashion
    • Clothing Construction
    • Wearable Art
    • Crocheting
    • Knitting
    • Quilting & Patchwork
  • Gerontology
    • Weight-Related Health Risk Factors
  • Health and Wellness for the Older Adult
  • Consumer Health Issues
  • History
    • ​Contemporary Middle East
    • Western Civilization
  • Humanities
    • ​Distinguished Guest Lecture Series
    • Modern World Culture 1700-Present
  • Music
    • Choral: Barbershop
    • Choral: Ensemble
    • Instrumental: Rehearsal and Performance
    • Introduction to Opera
    • Music History
    • Voice and Rhythms​​​​​​​
  • Philosophy
    • ​Introduction to Philosophy
    • History of Freethought​​​​​​​
  • Photography
    • Digital Slideshow
    • Digital Photography
    • Color Printing​​​​​​​
  • Political Science
    • ​Current Issues in Government​​​​​​​
  • Spanish
  • Special Services
    • ​Lipreading and Hearing Conservation​​​​​​​
  • Theater