Maximize your learning with the MESA Program’s Academic Excellence Workshops!

At the heart of the MESA Program, our Academic Excellence Workshops (AEW) offer an innovative approach to mastering STEM subjects. These workshops are designed as intimate group learning sessions where collaboration meets academic rigor. Facilitated by our dedicated MESA Team, who work closely with faculty, AEWs ensure that students grasp even the most challenging concepts in their courses. Here, students are not just learners but active participants, sharing insights and problem-solving strategies, thereby enriching their understanding and application of course material.

Saddleback College's AEWs are more than just workshops; they are communities of learning where students build connections, enhance their academic skills, and develop confidence in their abilities. Participants learn the art of collaborative problem-solving, a crucial skill in any STEM field. We highly encourage MESA students to join AEWs corresponding to their current semester courses.

Academic Excellence Workshops

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