The Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) program provides support services, specialized instruction, and authorizes educational accommodations for students with disabilities so that they can participate fully and benefit equitably in their college experience.

Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) is developed with each student which links student's goals, curriculum, programs, and academic accommodations.

Academic Accommodations may include accommodated testing, assessment of learning disabilities, specialized counseling, interpreter services for students who are deaf, alternate media, access to adapted computers and software, priority registration and specialized instruction.

DSPS is committed to providing quality support services and specialized instruction, which enable students with verified disabilities to access and participate in all programs at Saddleback College. Services and supports, including counseling services, are available in person or remotely through Zoom or by telephone.

Welcome to DSPS
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NOTE: New Office Location is GW 161-1

Applying for Services

First-time and returning students need to complete three steps to enroll in DSPS.

Apply to Saddleback College and get a student ID number. Then complete the application for services (below).

Provide Verification of Disability. Examples of acceptable documentation include, but are not limited to:

  • IEP
  • Note from doctor or medical provider
  • Department of Rehabilitation
  • 504 Plan
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Regional Center
  • Psych-educational report
  • Social Security Office Documents

Please attached documentation to the application or email documentation to

Meet with a DSPS counselor.

For appointments, counseling schedules, and drop-ins please email or call (949) 582-4885.

DSPS Application for Services

Submit a DSPS Application for Services Form.

More About Disabled Students Programs and Services

Accommodated Testing

Saddleback College offers reasonable test accommodations to students with documented disabilities.

Alternate Media Production

Textbooks, instructional materials, and other printed information being converted to another format such as Braille, large print, or electronic text.

College Advantage Program

College Advantage Program - CAP is a transition program designed for graduating high school seniors with disabilities.

Adapted Kinesiology

This program instructs students in exercises designed to maintain their health, well-being and improve their quality of life.

On Campus Accommodated Transportation

Saddleback College offers on campus cart transportation for students who have been approved for these services as a part of their DSPS official accommodation

OASIS | Adults With Disabilities

This program has an independent living and vocational curriculum that focuses on the needs of adults with disabilities.

How to Access Your Authorized Accommodations

Get information about how to access your authorized accommodations,

DSPS Faculty and Staff

Meet the DSPS Faculty and Staff!