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The Geriatric Nutrition certificate will educate individuals seeking a career in nutrition with an emphasis on working with older adults. Nutrition is of paramount importance in the prevention, mitigation and sometimes treatment of many acute and chronic diseases and is critical in living a longer, healthier life. Students will be trained to apply dietary recommendations and current nutrition research to optimize the health of older adults; identify common deficiencies in the diets of older people that may be contributing to their ailments; and plan balanced, culturally- and economically‐appropriate diets tailored to their unique health needs and lifestyles.

The certificate will prepare students for a variety of entry‐level positions in senior care facilities, medical centers, home health care agencies, and retirement communities. The certificate can also be utilized to help professionals in current positions that require more focus on the older adult population such as in healthcare occupations, health and human services, government agencies, mental health programs, and fitness and wellness programs.

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