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Sustainability is a key component of our Urban Farming Certificate of Achievement program. Thriving, localized food economies benefit the health of the people, the planet, and the communities surrounding them. Sustainable urban farming is among several fields of study that are uniquely poised to capture opportunities presented by an increasing awareness of the need to preserve and protect limited resources. The goals of the Urban Farming Certificate of Achievement program are to provide enhanced opportunities for those striving to acquire knowledge of sustainable farming practices in an urban environment, based on the principles of sustainability. We seek also to support quality technical instruction, career and skill enhancement as well as lifelong learning for members of the community.

Our program prepares students for careers such as director of community sourced agriculture (CSA), public market manager, urban farmer, grower, farm educational adviser, garden designer, horticultural consultant, supervisor of landscaping, and food systems production and distribution. Careers also include opportunities in the production and care of fruits, nuts, and vegetables commonly used in landscape design, urban farming, wellness gardens, and plant nurseries.

Through our program students will be able to achieve occupational competencies such as strong leadership, communication skills, planning and managerial expertise, and knowledge‐based consultation.

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