The Communications Department at Saddleback College offers courses which develop and enhance oral communication skills at all levels. In this rapid-growing, ever-changing world, the ability to express ideas clearly, concisely and with self-assurance is an invaluable tool to anyone regardless of his or her field of endeavor. Students can focus on interpersonal communication, persuasion, group dynamics and leadership, or can improve and enhance their vocal and articulatory control. In addition, the oral interpretation and readers' theatre courses give students a means of communicating the human condition both physically and verbally, while helping them to develop a strong stage presence.

Degrees and Certificates

Join the Speech and Debate Team

All students, whether pursuing communications majors or not, can join Saddleback's award-winning Speech and Debate team as a means to further develop their oral communication skills. Interested? Join the team by enrolling in COMM 106 - Forensics Activity.

For more information on the Saddleback Speech Team, contact professor Shawn O'Rourke at (949) 582-4265 or professor Lucas Ochoa at (949) 582-4778. 

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