Saddleback College and all of California's Community Colleges recognize that the growth and stability of the State's economy rests on a skilled workforce, strong business sustainability and personal prosperity. For over 40 years, Saddleback College has educated and prepared the Orange County workforce for careers in industries that fuel the regional economy.

Saddleback College has the workforce experience, resources, and solutions that south Orange County employers need right now and as you move into the future.

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The Saddleback College Economic and Workforce Development Initiative facilitates a variety of solutions for employment development and workforce training. From no-cost to low-cost general training, the Economic and Workforce Development Initiative can help businesses with their workforce training needs. Saddleback College delivers training programs for both future and current workers to prepare them to be competitive with the workforces of other countries in the application of emerging technologies. In addition, businesses need assistance in developing corporate cultures that unleash the creative genius of the workers, give them new tools to increase productivity and improve the quality of products and processes.

Saddleback College responds to the workforce training needs of business within their local communities. Our customized training services represent an entrepreneurial response at the local level that can significantly respond to the needs of business, industry, and government to prepare the workforce to be competitive in an increasingly competitive global market. Through training and consulting services, Saddleback College's Economic and Workforce Development initiative delivers in-demand solutions needed by businesses to meet their workforce development challenges that will affect their economic success. Whether businesses need their workforce trained in business skills, computer skills, management skills, or manufacturing skills, Saddleback College can deliver the resources necessary to meet the needs of our local economy and the primary industry sectors in Orange County which includes:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Advanced Transportation and Renewables
  • Energy (Efficiency) & Utilities
  • Global Trade and Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) & Digital Media
  • Life Sciences & Biotech
  • Retail/Hospitality/Tourism
  • Small Business

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Saddleback College prides itself on many successful Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. More than 18,000 students take CTE classes each year. Our college offers more than 100 CTE certificate and degree programs and more than 1,000 CTE courses. We also have a vibrant Community Education Program that provides workplace preparation and training to hundreds of students each year at locations throughout South Orange County. With the goal of providing resources for individual and community prosperity, Saddleback College's Economic and Workforce Development Initiative is committed to meeting the challenge of providing regional leadership in timely and responsive workforce training and education.

In an attempt to strengthen how Saddleback College addresses its role in economic and workforce development within the local community and the region,  a work group representing  a wide array of college programs and services engaged in the design and drafting of a EWD plan. This is the first time the college has collected its economic and workforce development efforts into a comprehensive, model plan. This plan is intended to be a blueprint to guide the expansion, remodeling, and addition of new services and programs to the economic and workforce development efforts at Saddleback.

  • The EWD plan will contribute positively to regional economic and workforce development and Saddleback students and graduates will be desired by employers in the region.
  • All faculty, staff and administrators are part of economic and workforce development.
  • The EWD program builds on the existing strengths, expertise and curriculum of the college.
  • The EWD program will include seamless services and instruction (i.e. a “pipeline of services”) within the college and with external partners.
  • Saddleback students and graduates will be desired by employers in the region.
  • Successfully complete a program of study leading to employment and/or higher degree.
  • The EWD program will track student progress and success from enrollment to employment.
  • The EWD program will use available and competitive public funding along with grants and income from fee-based and contract programs to sustain itself.


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