The following is a list of ​Saddleback College faculty, staff, and managers that have completed the Undocumented Ally Training and have committed to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive campus for undocumented students. The list will be updated as new Allies complete the training.

Last Update: 11/18/2021

Admissions and Records

Nancy Ayala-Castenada, Classified - Email:

Adult Education

Alondra Hernandez, Staff - Email:
Annie Gilbert, Faculty - Email:
Claudia Cisternas, Classified - Email:
Javier Corrales, Classified - Email:
Stacy Eldred, Faculty - Email:
Sue Donelson, Manager - Email:
Susan Reese, Tutor - Email:


Erica Vogel, Faculty - Email:

Business and Management

Kendrick Kim, Faculty - Email:

Career Center

Donald Mineo, Classified - Email:
Juan De la Cruz, Classified - Email:

Child Development and Education/EIC

Brenda Plascencia-Carrizosa, Faculty - Email:

C.L.A.S.E. Transfer Mentor Program

John Hartman Classified - Email:

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights

Janeth Bucio CHIRLA -
Karen Hernandez CHIRLA - Email:
Sylvia Ortiz, JD. CHIRLA - Email:


Alejandra Hurtado, Faculty - Email:
Erin Long, Faculty - Email:
Georgina Martinez, Classified - Email:
Laura Toscano, Faculty - Email:
Michael Engels, Faculty - Email:

Disabled Students Programs and Services

Ann Marie Breslin, Faculty - Email:
Darline Arroyo, Classified - Email


Jack Beckham, Faculty - Email:


Kasie Hipp Mirhashemi, Manager - Email:


Lisa DePaoli, Faculty - Email:

Financial Aid

Benny Rivas, Classified - Email:

Fine Arts & Media Technology

Tammy Bartholomew, Classified - Email:


Carolyn Seaman, Faculty - Email:


Karla Westphal, Faculty - Email:
Kim Nomura, Faculty - Email:


Natasha Noriega-Goodwin, Classified - Email:


Anna MacDonald, Manager - Email:
Marco Madariaga Benavides, Classified - Email:
Brenda Lozano, Classified - Email:
Diana Schwab, Classified - Email:

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Jose Lumbreras, Faculty - Email:
Everardo Arrizon-Montiel, Classified - Email:

Student Equity Program

Maureen George, Classified - Email:

Student Equity & Special Programs Division

Georgina Guy, Dean - Email:
Teresa Camacho, Classified - Email: