The Admissions and Records Office utilizes electronic forms (E-Forms) for submitting requests. This will allow students to complete and submit forms securely.  Forms will require an active Saddleback College (MySite) account. If you have not attended Saddleback College for one year or more, complete your request here.

The forms will ask you to log in with your Saddleback College email account/username (not your ID number) and password. You will be able to upload attachments directly on the form. Depending on how forms are configured, you will also be able to get updates as the form progresses from submission, to review, to completion.

  • Use a free app such as Scannable (for iOS) or ClearScanner (for Android) to prepare attachments to any forms.

Instructions to Submit New Forms:

  • Click on the form link.
  • If your see a window with "SOCCCD Sign In" enter your Saddleback College username and password. Your username is your email in this format:
  • Complete and submit the form. Make sure to press “Submit Form”.
  • Forms time-out after 45 minutes
    •  If you cannot complete it, and the form has been enabled to save your progress, click the “Save Progress” button at the bottom of the page. You can return to it later.

To review forms you have submitted in the past, click on “Forms History.” Then click on the icon for PDF or for the HTML view.

AB 540 Affidavit - Non-immigrant students classified as non-residents who completed at least 3 years of education in California, and would like to request an exemption from non-resident fees, may use this form (must meet eligibility requirement.

Academic Renewal - Students who show evidence of good academic progress after receiving substandard grades may request to have the previous grade values in up to 30 units of coursework removed from their GPA with this form (must meet minimum completed units and GPA requirements; approved courses and grades will remain on the transcript).

Class Repeat Annotation - Students who received a D, F or NP grade for a course, but repeated it at a later time at Saddleback College or another college, may request to have the previous grade value removed from their GPA with this form (course and grade will remain on the transcript).

College of Record Change Request - This for is used for students to request a change of their college of record.

Excused Withdrawal (EW) Due to COVID 19 - Fall 2021 Semester deadline December 3. 2021, 11 pm. The EW option due to COVID 19 will not be available for Spring 2023.

General Petition - Students impacted by extenuating situations may request an exception to policies with this form (additional documentation is required in most cases).

Loss of Registration Priority and/or Loss of College Promise Grant - Students who had, but lost priority registration status or California College Promise Grant (CCPG) status, may request reinstatement with this form (must meet eligibility requirements).

Petition to Repeat a Course - Students who have taken a course the maximum number of times, and would like to take it an additional time, may use this form (additional documentation is required).

Readmission/Appeal After Dismissal Request - Students who have been dismissed due to academic standing, and would like to return to Saddleback College, may use this form (must meet eligibility requirements).

Residency Reclassification Request - Students classified as non-residents may request a reclassification to California residents with this form (additional documentation is required).

Student Information Update Form - Students who would like to update their name, social security number, educational goal and/or major on their records may use this form.

The following forms are currently not available on E-Form. The Office of Admission and Records will accept these forms through email.

For student record security, forms are required to be sent from district issued email addresses only. Forms from other accounts will not be processed.

District issued emails are "" or "".

To complete the forms below, please follow these instructions:

  • Right click the form, select “Save as” and save the form onto your desktop
  • Complete all the fields in the form
  • Save the form as: “Student ID#- Name of Form” ex. 123456- Verification Request Petition
  • Send the completed form through your district issued email to
  • Subject heading for email: “Student ID#- Name of Form” ex. 123456- Verification Request Petition
  • After approximately 7-10 business days you may check the status of your submission on the Petitions tab of your MySite account