Eligibility for Military Tuition Assistance

All active-duty military personnel are eligible to receive MTA.

What’s Covered

Tuition Assistance pays the enrollment fee of $46 per unit.

Current fees, including information on parking, can be found here.

How to Receive Military Tuition Assistance

Students must complete an application for Tuition Assistance and submit it to their base education office (the form is available at the base education office). After approval, submit the approval letter to the Saddleback College Veterans Office, GW 123.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

The estimated total cost of attendance includes tuition, fees, books, and supplies, and the estimated cost of living expenses can be found here.

Other Financial Assistance

Many types of financial aid are available to qualifying students, including Federal Pell Grant, Cal Grant, CA College Promise Grant, and more.  Additional details, including priority dates for the financial aid application process, can be found here.

Return of Unearned Tuition Assistance funds

In the event a course is dropped by the student and TA funds are received by the college, the unearned tuition assistance funds will be returned as follows:

16-Week Course

  • Before or during Weeks 1-2, 100% Return
  • During Weeks 3-4, 75% Return
  • During Weeks 5-8, 50% Return
  • During Week 9, 40% Return (60% of the course is completed week 9.6)
  • During Weeks 10-16, 0% Return

8-Week Course

  • Before or During Week 1, 100% Returned
  • During Week 2, 75% Returned
  • During Weeks 3-4, 50% Returned
  • During Week 5, 40% Returned (60% of the course is completed week 4.8)
  • During Weeks 6-8, 0% Returned

Frequently Asked Questions

The military pays only after the semester is over and the military has been notified that the student passed the course. When the MTA approval letter is turned in, the college Veterans Office will defer (postpone) the payment deadline for the enrollment fees until payment is received from the military. The college normally receives payment 3-4 months after the end of the semester.

No, students must pass each class listed on the MTA approval letter. Passing grades will be submitted to the military along with request for payment. Students will be required to pay for any class listed on the MTA approval letter that does not have a passing grade.

Call the college Veterans Office at (949) 582-4870 or contact your base education office.