The Saddleback College Emeritus Institute was established as a unique educational opportunity for the pursuit and enhancement of lifelong learning for the adult population. As an integral part of the Saddleback College curriculum, the Emeritus Institute is a leader in providing challenging and rewarding programs specifically designed for older adults.

For more information, frequently asked questions, and a list of classes for the Emeritus Institute program, please visit the Emeritus Institute page.

Steps for Enrollment

Step 1: Complete and Submit an Application for Admission

Apply online (Be sure to choose: Educational Development as your Education Goal on the application.) or visit the Emeritus Institute page for a paper application form.

Step 2: Register for Classes

Follow these directions to register for classes.

Step 3: Pay Fees

If fees are not paid by the class payment deadline, the class will be dropped. Contact the Student Payment Office for more information.


Important information for out of state students

How to View Your Registration Appointment

  • Click the MySite Link 
  • Enter your Student ID # (NOT a username) and PIN (NOT a password), then click Login.
  • Click My Information
  • Click Appointments
  • View your Appointment to Register start date and time.
    • Be sure the current semester is selected

NOTE: If you don't see an Appointment to Register, you're either a new student or you've missed two semesters and need to re-activate your account by submitting an application.

Download Printable Instructions