We're glad you are interested in applying to the Saddleback College Honors Program! Below is a link to apply, as well as the information you will need to complete the Honors Program application.

Please have everything ready before you click the "Apply Now" button.

Apply Now

When to Apply to the Honors Program

Honors Program applications are accepted and evaluated throughout the year.

NOTE: Complete your application as soon as possible. Eligibility for honors transfer agreements may be jeopardized by a delay.

Application Information

NOTE: The application does not have a "save and return" feature. Prepare and collect all of the items below before you start.


NOTE: Unofficial copies, scans, photos, etc., are all acceptable, but your name and school must be clearly visible.:

  • If you have enrolled and/or completed a minimum of 6 units of coursework at Saddleback College, you do not need to submit a transcript.
  • If you have fewer than 6 college units, the relevant GPA is your weighted academic high school GPA; please upload your high school transcript with your application.

Personal Insight Questions

NOTE: This will be entered directly into the form. We recommend writing your essays in a word processing program first.

Make sure to share with us what your goals are! If you have a GPA under 3.25, or if you are not yet eligible for at least English 1A/1AH, you should discuss in your essay your strategies for success in Honors. There are three (3) responses required:

  • (1) 450-to-500-word "Letter of Self Recommendation": Evaluate your academic potential but also talk about the goals you have and the reasons you're confident you will succeed in pursuing them. Provide specific information about how you've demonstrated characteristics that will lead to success.
  • 90-to-100-word "School Life Outside the Classroom": How have you been involved at high school or in college other than academic work, and how has this involvement affected you?
  • 90-to-100-word "Life Outside School": How have you been involved with your community or the wider world, and how has this involvement affected you?